you may remember…

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i put up a post on nov. 30th explaining how i got thrown out of mia’s lounge. this letter was published in flagstaff’s local paper flag live. this week’s issue of flag live contains a response letter:

Letters and Corrections
Stray beer cans: hazardous to your social life …
Published on 12/13/2007

LETTERSEDITOR’S NOTE: This blurb was written in response to Michael Bussmann’s letter that appeared in last week’s Flag Live decrying the injustice perpetrated upon him by the tyrannical proprietors of Mia’s Lounge.


Letter to the Editor
An Open Letter to Michael Bussmann:
Dude, you threw a beer can.
David Wildermuth
Rational Person

being the loud mouth malcontent that i am a response to the response had to be publically issued. and here it is (this letter was also sent to the editor of flag live for possible publication in thursday dec 20th issue):

Dear Editor,

An open letter to David Wildernuth, Rational Person:
It has been a dream of mine to partake in a fierce, yet civil discussion with a perfect stranger via letters to the editor. Finally, I get my chance. To your comments sir, I say: vague, at best. The body of your letter stated “Dude, you threw a beer can”. This information was presented in my original letter, we (you,me, and the fine readers of Flag Live) already knew that a can was thrown. You added nothing further. No commentary about drunken brutishness, the Shindaggers, social injustice, nothing. I imagine you where hinting at the absurd-ism found in a call to boycott based on a socially inappropriate action (and certainly an action found to be inappropriate by the staff and ownership of Mia’s Lounge). Unfortunately your letter only stated “Dude, you threw a beer can”.
You then signed off “David Wildernuth, Rational Person”. Capitalized and everything. This sign off suggests you think my can throwing/letter writing was/is irrational, and in turn, I am an irrational person. What is irrational about getting thrown out of a bar and writing to your local paper announcing the boycott of the bar? Ridiculous maybe. But irrational, not really.
I call on you David to further explain your position on these matters.

Michael Bussmann
Citizen, Can Thrower

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13 Replies to “you may remember…”

  1. Dear Sirs and Madams–

    Though I am not a citizen of Tucson, nor a patron of Mia’s Lounge, I am deeply concerned by this issue.

    Was this airborne aluminum package empty or nearly so at the time of its flight? If not, then I feel there may be grounds to sanction the thrower; beer should not be wasted.


  2. Go back and throw a 40. Then he can have a good reason for throwing you out. But make sure it’s full, otherwise it don’t hurt as much.

  3. …perhaps submitting a dissertation as regards the namby-pamby weight of a modern day aluminum can as opposed to the havoc that might have been inflicted w/ a an old-timey steel can from days of yor, would prove to be helpful…

    …i’d also point out the fact that the recipient, whether intended or not, stood a 50% chance of being caressed by a soft shaped aluminum end cap whereas in days past, the steel can had a hard rolled edge at both ends…

    …those points along w/ the “i throw like a girl” defense, should stand you in good stead, & have everyone in flagstaff rushing to side w/ you…

  4. We finally have a bar on the south side that doesn’t cater to the fucking college brats, and then you guys have to go pull this shit. If you want to go throw beer cans, go to the Frat-I or Collins, where you can do some good with it.

  5. If you can’t throw beer cans then what can you through? These people apparently don’t know how to throw a fuckin party, thats for sure!

  6. Nice to know that you still can act like an asshole and get thrown out of a bar. Or is it that your are supposed to throw cans at this so called band?