Doping in Major League Baseball

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From: John the Lawyer
Subject: Mitchell Drops the Bomb on Baseball
May come as a huge surprise, but it’s not just cycling that has a drug problem! No, really, it’s true.

George Mitchell dropped the bomb on major league baseball today in a report to the Commish that, for more than a decade, there has been widespread use of steroids and “other performance enhancing substances” by players ranging from those with brief careers in the majors to “potential members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.”


Who knows? Maybe Vino, Rasmussen, et al. will get some breathing space now.

I’m not sure who is going to walk out of this mess with anything resembling breathing space. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.

I’ve been hearing about Mitchell’s report one all day on the news. We all have. I think the next few days are going to be interesting as folks read through the document, interview those who have been named, and get those who are in a position to do something about it in front of a camera.

It is also going to force the other big sports in this country to get serious about this shit.

And it’s about time.

More on the subject from

Dozens of players have been linked to taking performance-enhancing substances in a report on Major League Baseball that alleges a serious drug culture.

Former Senator George Mitchell, who led the investigation, said several All-Stars were suspected of using steroids and human growth hormones.

… Mr Mitchell’s report concluded that there was evidence that all 30 Major League clubs were affected by use of banned substances.

“For more than a decade there has been widespread illegal use of anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing substances by players in Major League Baseball in violation of federal law and baseball policy,” Mr Mitchell said at a news conference.

And the good news is they might actually try to do something about it.

He also called for MLB to outsource drug-testing and form an investigative arm to pursue allegations of drug use.

In response, MLB head Bud Selig said he embraced all the recommendations made.

Update: A list of the playas from

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16 Replies to “Doping in Major League Baseball”


    at least cyclists can say to all the other sports jackasses… “SEE ! Its not just cycling, you redneck, inbred, goat-fuckers.”

    That’ll show ’em.

  2. Come on now, MLB is America’s pastime/ oh and taking banned/ illicit substances to aid in your quest of conquering all who come before you…..

  3. How did Mcguire and Sosa not get listed? If you ask me the ivestigation is a waste of time. Pay some polititian to go around and find squealers in the group. Wait didn’t Conseco already do that? And who can trust a bitchy squealer anyways. Not to say it is not a problem, but this report did nothing. The report provided no substatial evidence, and just reconfirmed those that are clueless in this country. Fix the problem ruin the sport. Catch the players with random testing. Go so far as follow them year round.
    I do think players and racers have some rights to privacy and there is a fine line of going overboard. Heck it all starts in high school for these kids. But where does the line stop. Should high school althetes be subject to drug test. Should they be punish for drinking or doing other recreational drugs? If you ask me that is invasion of one privacy. It may be okay to some of those totalitarian thinkers, who want to purify the world to their own belief. I personally believe in my own values and never have or would use steriods. But liberally speaking who gives a shit what the fuck these guys and gals do. Maybe this HGH stuff is the cure all to aging. Pass me a beer and make it hearty please.

  4. there would not be an NBA if pot was on the banned list. Make vicodin, percocet, morphine and other opiates illegal…oops there goes ice hockey and football.

  5. sport should assume its right place in society as recreation, quit watching the game and start playing…

    Ironic ? – same NYT”s page has the Mitchell Report release and A-Rod contract 10yr= 275bazillion WTF?

  6. Guys–

    Mikey’s bold prediction:

    Business as usual. Nothing changes. The players’ union will quietly viscerate whatever loudly-proclaimed “doping controls” are implemented. There is serious money involved here people, don’t be gettin’ all naive and dreamy.


  7. President Bush said Friday that baseball players and owners must take seriously the report, but cautioned against jumping to conclusions about the individuals named.

    “My hope is that this report is a part of putting the steroid era of baseball behind us,” he said, surrounded by Cabinet members in the Rose Garden.

    Bush, who once owned the Texas Rangers, said, “I’ve been troubled by the steroid allegations.”

    The Mitchell Report, he said, means that “we can jump to this conclusion: that steroids have sullied the game.”

    Maybe he can order Bonds and Clemens to be waterboarded into a confession.

  8. …i was about to say that this post—drugs & baseball—is not worth commenting on UNTIL i saw john’s suggestion…

    …if this administration is going to condone waterboarding as a method to gain information, then by all means, let’s use it in a manner that we all benefit from…sports guys are tough so lets see if they change their tune w/ a little bit a’ water…

  9. I find that the one thing fans seem to be worrying about more than anything else is how this will effect the collectibles market.

  10. This will all be forgotten by the time spring training rolls around. And nothing will have changed. There’s too much money involved for any serious change to happen.

  11. I been doing some doping myself this evening and I tells ya … right fuckin’ on man … gimme some heat … gimme the high hard one !!!