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13 Replies to “Phone Rant and Sausage”

  1. I like the way he says “delicious”. Is it just me or does he kinda sound like our kick-ass president?

  2. vote RON PAUL
    contribute to his campaign on Sunday Dec 16 on the anniversary of the boston Tea Party…
    on Nov 5 some anonymous dude heard his shit and set up a website to get donations for him and raised more in 1 day than any candidate ever in history $4.2 mil…help crush that on Sunday…he’s an honest to goodness founding fathers type of decent man…check him out at his site or on youtube…this is a revolution that used to require fighting to win…but with the internet we can save this country by VOTING RON PAUL…seriously, do yourself and this country a favor and check him out…he’s the only one who gives a shit about you and your freedom

  3. I work at a grocery store, so the call hit a bit close to home until the end. When he said “someone needs their ass kicked” I about lost my mind. Good shit.

    And Ron Paul? Isn’t he a porn star? Little troll like dude with a huge ol’ donker? No? Oh, yeah, that is Ron JEREMY. Oh well, no difference. One fucks hot chicks, the other will fuck the American public. So essentially, they are both porn stars!

  4. I live in Texas and until recently I never heard of Mr. Paul. Local media never mentions his name (in fact if it wasn’t for the Internet I would still not have heard of Ron Paul). So this is not a Texas creation in spite of the fact that Mr. Paul is a state rep from somewhere down south Texas way. What I have seen of Mr. Paul’s positions leaves me hot and cold, he has some good points. And Benito Mussolini made the trains run on time…


  5. “that’s 600 pounds of men” fucking hilarious! thanks for that one

    Ron Paul? no way…Ron Jeremy…maybe

  6. Fuck the self righteous bike punk! Who I would guess is lathered up to vote for that god damn communist Hillary Clinton.