Why Hollywood bores me.

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I think some of the best films latel have been coming out of asia. Korea has some of the best, with ‘Old Boy’ and ‘The Host’ being two prime examples.

Then throw in a healt dose of HK films (Just about anything with Chow Yun Fat like Hard Boiled or The Killer ) and you are well on your way.

Not to be out-done in the ‘WTF’ category, there is Tetsuo (The Iron Man) and Tokyo Decadence. The first is a serious WTF art-house film, and the second… well… Japanese prostitution ending with a hard left turn into WTF-ville.

That said, and leaving out SCORES of films like Ichi the Killer, animated insanity (AKIRA) and just plain good storytelling (Akira Kurosawa films… pick one…) This has to be the best preview I have seen in ages. (Thanks to the commenter on Jonny’s Eagles post…)

Be warned… It is NSFW bloody, but no naked. So if your boss doesn’t care about gore, go for it.

(I tried embedding, but it just won’t go. Which is probably for the better.)

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12 Replies to “Why Hollywood bores me.”

  1. Definitely Kurosawa, I have a few of his movies on the laptop and whip them out when time needs help passing.

    They never get old or boring.

  2. …mmmmm, nice…machine girl, warm & loving traditional family values…

    …makes “kill bill” movies look like saturday morning cartoons…

  3. If you’re looking for something a little more weird try Acacia or A Tale of Two Sisters. (Both korean I think)

    Or if you want to watch a TV show that makes Twin Peaks look like Northern Exposure then check out MPD Psycho.

    Weirdest. Show. Ever.

  4. Eh. I remember those Saturday afternoon Kung-fu movies growing up in the 70’s.

    That was enuf for me.

    Today, I only watch porn or whatever the ball-and-chain wants to see. And both of those I forget 3 & 1/2 minutes later.

    We haven’t seen Jonny’s nutz in a while. He feeling OK ?? Or should we start the cameras rolling ? ;)

  5. New Cohen Broz? ‘No Country for Old Men’ I mean sheesh thats ‘merica right, texas in fact… anyway no problem for me since seeing a movie is way the f’ down the priority line.. but ‘Dreams” sure is sweet … hey remember reading? ‘The Last Samurai’
    by Helen De Witt is raaad with “Seven Samurai” the film acting as a mothers’ stand in for her sons father.. .aaaaanyway Cohen bros kicked it pretty hard

  6. If you haven’t seen Ichi the Killer you need to that is such a badass flick. Old boy rules too and it looks like this one is gonaa kick ass too.

  7. You need to check out Oasis, a Korean film about a mildly retarded prisoner who gets out of jail and then falls in love with a girl with cerebral palsy who has been abandoned by her family but gets dragged around to show off the subsidized apartment she qualifies them all for.

    It’s so fucking grim you will cry big man tears and hug your best friends and promise them never to be a shit ever again.

    Also I thought the original Infernal Affairs was a rock and roll classic, and Scorcese is pretty much a dead dinosaur pander bear for remaking it, nearly frame-for-frame when he did the Departed.

  8. Hollywood is so creativley bankrupt they are making movies from video games and doing a crap jonb at it: Hitman, Bloodrayne, Final Fantasy…
    And also movies based on theme park rides: Pirates of the Caribean Pts. 1, 2, and crying out loud, 3!

    Face it America lost its creativity 13 years after instituting standardised testing from K-12. The kids can’t think, all they can do is take standardised tests.