Potential trouble for Ragbrai

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This could spell trouble for one of the nations finest bicycle events:

More Iowa counties are considering a ban on Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

Crawford County made the move recently after settling a $350,000 lawsuit in which a biker was killed when his tire hit a gap in the road.

Supervisors in Carroll County on Wednesday talked about a similar ban.

Carroll County is just one of several counties talking about a ban, but the Iowa State Association of Counties is asking county leaders to wait before taking any action.

Word of a ban to keep RAGBRAI off the roads in Crawford County quickly got other counties considering similar action.

Many county leaders fear they, too, could be held liable and can’t afford the risk of a lawsuit.

“Counties shouldn’t be in this alone, shouldn’t bear the liability for this on their own if someone gets hurt riding on RAGBRAI,” said David Vestal of the Iowa State Association of Counties.

Source: bikeiowa.com

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6 Replies to “Potential trouble for Ragbrai”

  1. I read this original article. And I am still baffled as to how a county can ban what is considered a vehicle by the state from using state roadways.

  2. Why doesn’t Ragbrai just charge a few more bucks per person, and get an insurance rider for such problems? USA cycling does it, and it costs like 5 bucks per rider.

    Aside from the obvious dumbness of someone who sues a county because he can’t ride a fucking bike in a straight line, or look where in the hell he is going, why don’t they throw dumb ass lawsuits like that out of court?

    It is very sad and unfortunate that a fellow cyclist passed away, but come on, take some fucking responsibilty. I am sure the deceased rider’s family was trying to make a quick buck, but shit….for a moment, take your eyes of of your shiny new trek, complete with SRM pro, blah blah, and look up!!!

  3. what they NEVER mention is that the county’s ONLY financial exposure was the $5000 deductible. their insurance carrier paid the balance.

    so the county board of supervisors is passing up the hundreds of thousands of dollars that ragbrai riders and others spend in their passage each day because of $5000.

    by the way, many groups are planning SEVERAL pirate bike rides in and around crawford county in the coming months.

    join us!

    the mostly reverend

  4. The thing that really gets me is there would have been no liability exposure at all had the count(ies)y maintained their roads to legal standards. The only reason the plaintiff won against the county was the county had broken the law regarding road conditions relating to maintenence, and somebody lost their life as a result. If the priciple of soveriegn immunity hadn’t been applied the actual fuckup that had decided to “save money” by not keeping that stretch of road up to standards would have been liable instead of the county taxpayers. BTW liability insurance doesn’t cover acts of lawbreaking so the taxpayers got dinged instead of the insurance company. I think the county should turn around and sue the fuckup that shot them in the foot by allowing the road to get in that bad a condition that a bike tire could get caught in the pavement. I think the legal term is subrogate, but I got hit with a pickup truck so that might not be right.


  5. Opus you Twit, the plaintiff didn’t win aginst the county. It was an out of court settlement.

  6. Problem: Crawford County’s road are in a dangerous condition resulting in the death of one cyclist.

    Crawford County solution: Ban bicycling events.

    Did it ever occur to the elected officials of Crawford County that the proper solution would be to fix the roads so people are not injured or killed?