It’s official – The Philadelphia Eagles suck

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The Eagles were giving three on that one. And the lost by four! They are horrible. My God, what did I just watch? I thought they had it at the end of the game. Westbrook runs back a punt for 64 yards. They’re on the Seahawks 15 yard line with 1:16 on the clock. It’s go time. A touchdown wins it…

And their get up and go got up and went.

I blame Billy Penn!

Tonight’s link dump:

[cyclocross in NY Times]
[oh my]
[he doesn’t like tecate?]
[the bicyclist]

At least I rode my mountain bike today.

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10 Replies to “It’s official – The Philadelphia Eagles suck”

  1. …like I’VE got fucking empathy for ya !!!…despite the ‘9ers ‘accidental’ win last week, they were right back on track this week…

    …yer eagles gotta work hard at suckin’ if they’re gonna be as bad as my team…

    …just statin’ facts…

  2. The Bears still managed to eeek out a loss by blowing a 9-point 4th quarter lead. Eli Manning tried as hard as he could to give the game away, but the Bears offense decided to leave the stadium after the third quarter…maybe they went out to the parking lot to get some brats?

  3. You might as well put on a different jersey and quit crying every time the eagles lose because I don’t see any way of you ever being happy wearing that jersey.

  4. I hear you on the beer fridge, I unplugged my kegerator last year, and now just serve warm beer in the summer, and cold in the winter.
    Oh, and as for the Eagles, as a former Cenral PA Resident (Pennsyltuckey), I’d rather root for the Bills.

  5. El Ganador,
    The point of being an Eagles (or Sillies) is to be miserable. I had mixed feelings about the game. I may be transforming into a west coaster.
    Steve (formerly of south central Penna and now of Seattle)

  6. I may be transforming into a west coaster.
    Steve (formerly of south central Penna and now of Seattle)

    That would be like dumping a Victoria’s Secret model for Richard Simmons. The Seahawks are gayer than gay. I took the train up from Portland a couple of years ago to catch a game and da Bears jerseys outnumbered the Seattle jerseys by at least 3-1. The 10K or so Chicago fans made more noise than the rest of the house put together, probably because they do a better job of keeping booze out of the stadium than they do keeping weapons off of airliners. A pint of the Captain in a quart sized bladder ace bandaged in the small of my back with the tube run down my sleeve helped make my location an island of enthusiasm in a sea of zombies, but it wasn’t enough.

    Here’s a test for you. Find me a “Seahawks bar” anywhere more than 300 miles from Seattle. Hell, most people east of the Cascades are Broncos fans. You can be a Seahawks fan, or you can be a Football fan.

  7. …you could become a ’49er faithful, like the rest of the rampant masses clogging norcal, but i’d warn you to be careful…

    …i may not have mentioned it before, but they SUCK !!!…

    …yes, i still cheer for them…whadda ya think i’m crazy ???…

  8. …i should mention…don’t even consider the raiders cuz they are a world of suck unto themselves…despite finally beating mikey esses broncs this week, their form of suck transcends the world of football…

    …al davis was once at the vanguard of offering opportunities to the deserving & being a proactive football mind…at the time, a man to be admired, but the last 25 years of greed have said it all…

    …kinda sad, al, but who cares anymore…oh, right, 83 guys who bought halloween costumes & a lotta silver make-up…