Dejay Birtch says “It’ll be like the Stanley Cup of the single speed world.”

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A Race before the Race and a Race within a Race set to travel the US

September 5th, Fayetteville, Tennessee – Organizers of Dirt Sweat & Gears today announced plans for the advent of SSUSA – a cross country and quite possibly a cross-dressing event for the single speed freaks of the world. The festivities will coincide with the Dirt Sweat & Gears shindig set for the first weekend in May of 2008. “On the heels of last year’s success with DSG and a little prodding from Dejay and Fuzzy we’ve decided to spice things up a bit for the single speeders,” said Race Director Clay Higgins. Reigning single speed champion Fuzzy John Mylne of this year’s race added, “If you
only do one race this year, do this one!”

SSUSA will begin on Friday May 2, 2008, a day before the DSG 12 hour, with a race on the grueling and technical Cotton Mill Preserve trail where riders will throw down to see who takes home the belt. According to single speed 24 hour world champion Dejay Birtch, “It’ll be like the Stanley Cup of the single speed world.” Higgins adds, “This year Fayetteville, next year who knows,” as organizers plan to share the single speed love by passing the event around the U.S. to other promoters.

With racers coming from 31 states for last year’s DSG, entries are likely to fill up fast for both SSUSA and the second coming of DSG. For those planning to “do the double”, both SSUSA and DSG, promoters have come up with a “costume encouraged” single speed team event for Saturday’s 12 hour fun. As an added bonus the Yazoo Beer Team – will be on hand to do their things as ‘Ambassadors of all things single speed and beer’.” Just one more reason to pack up the van, show up a day early and get ready for the weekend of fat tire love.

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  1. …i’m a simple kinda man…

    …never been back east fer the ‘ds&g’ & certainly never met world champ dejay birtch, but anybody who can mention cycling & lord stanley in the same breath, well, i’d buy that man a beer…