Biker Down: Parker Klumb

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File this under you gotta be fucking kidding me.

Man seen in tavern after fatal hit and run
Two hours after Chad A. Bilgrien struck three boys on two bicycles, killing 13-year-old Parker Klumb, he walked into a Slinger tavern and hung around until a patron gave him a ride to an ex-girlfriend’s home, a Washington County sheriff’s detective said Friday. Witnesses at the Raceway Pub & Grill described his clothes as wet and full of weed seeds. His appearance likely came from walking through wetlands and woodlots to avoid being caught after running from the heavily damaged vehicle he left behind in a gravel parking lot northwest of the intersection of U.S. Highway 41 and County Highway K, Detective Mark Sette said at a bail hearing in Washington County Circuit Court.

The lot is less than a mile east of the crash scene near the crest of a hill on Highway K, east of Kettle Moraine Road. Slinger is two miles southeast of the lot.


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15 Replies to “Biker Down: Parker Klumb”

  1. Oh…..

    that guy needs a taste of his own medicine in the worst possible way.

    Lets let an 8-yr old drive a car into him, while he is tied quite well to a wall. Fuck his knees and his life.

    Goddamnit… Maybe if this happens enough times, people will realize they need more strict laws against shitheads like this.

    cyclists are traffic. period.


  2. Damn BP! Sounds like you’re advocating capitol punishment…how very Conservative of you!!!!!

    I agree 100%. Eye for an eye baby!

  3. …how fucking sad…

    …sad that all cyclists & kids in particular, have their lives threatened, every time they do something as cool as ride a bike…

    …sad that society hasn’t made it a major priority to be more proactive regarding the safe use of bicycles on our roads…

    …sad that a man could care so little about human life, that after making a huge mistake, he would slink cowardly away, rather than try & help the survivors…

  4. I say that the kid’s dad deserves “5 minutes alone” in a room with this little bitch… get biblical on his punk ass!

  5. Yeah, about that bail. People get higher bails and bonds than that around here for killing a cat (and I like cats, have two around here and one has his own pillow on the couch). Yet killing someone riding a bicycle is treated almost like a misdemeanor. Don’t forget there were 2 more people (kids, not that that makes a whole lotta difference) that were hit by this excuse for a DNA duplicating device.


  6. Articles like this make me want to hit things and/or people.

    How someone could be such a scumbag escapes my mind.

  7. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even be able to stomach a beer after doing some shit like that…

    ‘Witnesses at the Raceway Pub & Grill described his clothes as wet and full of weed seeds.’
    -How drunk or how much money did this dude throw down for someone to give this cat a ride home…

    Opus, this guy should be taken out of the gene pool

  8. I for one fully belive that we need to re-institute public blood letting and torture. Fuck what the opposers say. Anyone who can kill a child so cruely then just go to the pub to try and shrug it off needs to be removed from this life.I think he should be slowly skinned, boiled then if he’s lucky, maybe very slowly cooked over a hot fire. Make his life at least worth something and feed his lame carcas to some homeless so that they won’t go hungery.

    Ok……….Maybe thats taking it a bit far, but this fucker needs to pay, and I’m not just talking 25k bail. Thats bullshit!!!!
    What do you think the parents of the child he murdered would pay for their son back?

    Fuckin piece of shit.
    Bad things are gonna happen to this guy and his family. Karma’s a bitch!!

    enough said!

  9. I willing to start a cig fund for all the inmates of the jail/prison he goes to. I want to make sure this guy gets sodomized by increasingly larger objects every day until he can tak a lawn chair up his ass. Then when he is about to be let out have the inmates attepmt to rape him with the hood of a Chrysler. Might be a tad too much but hey that is basically what he did. He raped the families of their peace of mind and the other children of being able to play and not worry about some asshole running over them. I think it is fitting

  10. put the guy on a bike during rush hour in Las Vegas in 118f temps
    direct him down Las Vegas Blvd.. * note this is a good as a bullet to the head.. * No water No food *

  11. Opus, this guy should be taken out of the gene pool

    You think I disagree with that? I said he was an excuse for a DNA duplicating device, not something that should be allowed to reproduce.

    And another thing, as a condition for release he should not be allowed to drive a motor vehicle until his trial, and must wear a flourescent orange coat and beanie (or stocking cap, or tobaggan, or whatever the local vernacular is for a knit cap that pulls down low over the ears and forehead). Gives us a better shot at him while he walks to work or (retch) rides a bike.

    I just had a thought. Why not make all convicted DUI wear a vest over their street clothes in a obnoxious bright color that clashes with everything and great big letters that say DUI, and if they ever get caught without the vest in public it’s a week in jail. Say, one year for the first offense, and ten years for the second offense, and anybody caught driving while wearing the DUI vest loses the driving priveleges for life. And of course the “3 strikes” law applies for their third DUI and they get life in prison without parole.