Stupid is as stupid does

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I’m recovering nicely from my weekend. Rode a fixy to work the last two days and felt pretty good about it. The Eagles even pulled on out against the hapless ‘Fins. Can’t say I’m all that proud of ’em, but I sure am relieved. They are now sitting at .500, fat & happy on the bottom rung of the NFC East.

Yes, they took the Redskins customary spot.

All kidding aside for the Redskins fans who read the site (read: Jennifer), check this out:

Just three seasons after being separated by just three points in Super Bowl XXXIX, the gap between the Patriots and Eagles has widened to historic proportions: Philly is a 23½-point underdog.

That is the largest point spread for an NFL game that does not involve an expansion team, according to odds-making experts in Las Vegas.


I don’t know what’s worse: The fact that the Pat’s are giving 23 points (over three touchdowns?), or the fact that I won’t go near that bet.

It’s a sad day. Good thing I’m drinking.

Arizona, you’re A-1.

For a time, it was what Arizona drank. A-1 beer was bigger than Budweiser, bigger than Coors.

A-1 signs hung outside taverns and bars all over the city, and A-1 artwork hung inside. A-1 sponsored sports teams, and its production facility became a gathering spot.

Then A-1 went away, disappearing slowly like suds atop a cold pint.

…It might seem odd that A-1 beer faded from its lofty status in the 1950s, about the time that Phoenix’s growth was exploding. But the current nostalgia for A-1, and its possible comeback, reflects a city’s growing appreciation for its sometimes abandoned roots.

“There’s just something about Arizona having its own things we can cling to,” said Eli Drakulich, the man who owns the trademark to the A-1 beer name. “When I bought the trademark, I didn’t just buy the trademark. I bought a part of history.”

Drakulich hopes to bring back A-1 beer in the next two years. He runs a chain of wine stores called Beverage House in Tucson and southern Arizona, making his plans a little complicated as he sorts through Arizona’s liquor laws.

But he hopes to restore the beer, and the history. “I know it’s not a great business decision from dollars and cents,” he said. “But you’ve got to have the heart, too.”


I’ve never been near a bottle of A-1 in my life aside from steak sauce, but I wish him well. If it’s anywhere near PBR in bottle in quality and price, I will personally drink enough to keep the lights on in the brewery one month of the year.

Take a look at some of the artwork:

I was glad to read the We Are Traffic rally in Portland was a success:

Capping a tumultuous past month that was filled with tragedy, memorial rides, anger, frustration, meetings and press conferences, hundreds of people — including Police Chief Rosie Sizer — gathered under the Hawthorne Bridge Saturday for the “We Are ALL Traffic” rally.

Groups of people from all over the city — including a large contingent from Vancouver, Washington — first met at ghost bikes and other memorials before making their way under the bridge.


Oh yeah and ah fuck, the ’08 Single Speeds Worlds is about to drop on your head like a ton of bricks: August 23-24, 2008. Info:

Tonight’s link dump:

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I’ll leave it off with this one:

From: Joe
Subject: I feel for this guy
Same thing happened to me. I done learnt Kung-Fu so
now I am ready!!!
Ninja’s killed my family…

At least he’s trying to be original…

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9 Replies to “Stupid is as stupid does”

  1. Re: God Hates Us All

    Of fuck .. I can’t stop laughing … the last picture … the shopping bags … the contemplating look … I can’t fucking take it .. Oh God please … give me some Oxygen. ….

  2. Was that Marion Barry in that picture or am I imaganing things?

    As one of your beloved Redskins fans, I hope your Eagles can at least put up a better showing than we did. Our score resembled a college basketball game more than a pro football game.

    SSWS 08, Damn Straight!!

  3. …jonny, remember early in the season, when you were musing about billy penn & yer supposedly hapless ‘eagles’, & i countered w/ “no, my team definitely sucks more” ???…’member ???…now, yer team is at 5/5 and mine is at 2/8 n’ while the ‘fins are 0/10, nobody but nobody has scored fewer points this year than my ’49ers…

    …we lead the stats w/ the LEAST : yards per game : passing yards per game : 1st downs per game : 3rd down %’s per game & just to keep it all real : less time of possession per game, than any other team in the nfl…

    …not that i really care about ’em that much but i’m trying ta remember if we bet a G on who’s team would still suck the most by the end of the season…

  4. I was stuck home from work in the dark last Monday due to abrasing my iris (I think dirt under the contact lens from a mtb ride Sat)…when people asked me what happened to the eye, I told them I attempted to gouge it out when Rex Grossman came back…man I wish we had McNabb.

  5. Look, all the Eagles need to do is get some real Philly fans in pads and helmets to lace ’em up and go after Brady. First snap, they all pull out shivs and do him right there.

    Might be the only way the Packers will beat them in the Superbowl.

    BTW, sommerfliesby, Da Bears deserve MUCH better. I don’t think the McCaskeys will pony up for a real QB. I guess the future is when (if) they sell the team to a serious owner.

    Go Pack.