Rachel Paulose steps down

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Rachel Paulose has resigned from her post as United States Attorney in Minnesota.

The mood in the office is described as a combination of relief and euphoria.

…The replacement of Gonzales by Attorney Gen. Michael Mukasey led to a new round of speculation that she would be asked to resign, but she had vowed to stay. In recent months, in hopes of keeping her job and reducing conflict in the office, Paulose had largely avoided contact with much of the staff and spent many days out of the office.

Last week, Paulose and some of her allies mounted a new defense of her, attempting to portray her as a victim of racism, sexism, ageism, bias against her conservative ideology and her religious faith, and as a victim of unnamed elements within the Justice Department that didn’t like the fact that she was aggressively prosecuting human trafficking.

If, in fact, the final straw leading to her resignation was the prospect of more resignations, she may have caused it herself with those statements. Much of the staff was offended by the blanket and unsubstantiated assignment of biased motives to her critics, and by the fact that she made public statements against her accusers while the accusers did not. The discussion, over the weekend and during the day today of a mass resignation of the supervisors may have been motivated somewhat by her comments last week.

Since Paulose is remaining in a federal government job, at least one of the investigations may continue to haunt her. The Office of Special Counsel, which is investigating several prohibited personnel practices that Paulose allegedly committed, will continue its investigation and if the special counsel makes an adverse finding, the consequences could follow her to her new Washington job.

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I hope she lands on her feet back in Washington. Knee deep in shit.

A little background on Ms. Petty Peculiar Pauluse:

Sources from within the Federal Courthouse, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the controversial reports about Rachel Paulose are ‘dead-on.’

For months, the government had been investigating Paulose and the way she runs her office in the wake of several senior staffers resigning.

…According to a story in the Minnesota Monitor, Paulose allowed classified reports to sit open on her desk instead of being under lock and key as policy calls for.

The report also says Paulose threatened to demote the person who notified Washington of the problem.

Sources confirm, investigators are looking at whether Paulose retaliated against employees she felt were disloyal to her.

According to the story, Paulose made racist remarks against at least one employee.

Source: kstp.com

She’s a real gem. Thank you Gonzo for putting her and all the other party hacks (read: Loyal Busies) in place to do as much damage to our country as possible.

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