Biker Down: Sam Hindy

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The son of the founder of Brooklyn Brewery was killed after he fell while bicycling on the upper level of the Manhattan Bridge and plunged in front of a car on the lower roadway, police said Saturday.

Sam Hindy, 27, plummeted 15 feet and had no chance to move from the path of the oncoming Toyota, his heartbroken father said.


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4 Replies to “Biker Down: Sam Hindy”

  1. Pardon my ignorance but how the hell do you fall from the upper level to the lower?

    I don’t know the layout of the bridge but isn’t there anything like a guard rail or something?

  2. There was a big hole in the upper deck during repairs, and he missed the barricades (which I don’t know whether they were lighted or not). It happened at night.