It’s still good out on the road

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More from out on the road with our boy Response.

From: Response
Subject: Holy HK
Of course I managed to get food poisoning BEFORE I got on the plane to HK. I am standing there in the TSA shake down line and I break into a sweat and a sound like family of slugs mud wrestling next to a garden hose splashing rocks emerges from my innards. After 12 grueling hours of sitting in piss soaked bathrooms on a creaking old 747, we made it to Taiwan.

Reminded me ‘ol Tijuana, it was just an airport. Dour governmentalized furnishings from the 1970s and a stink like piss and old cigarettes. Of course, I could not find a store to sell me a fucking aspirin or some pepto, but I could buy alla the DUTY FREE smokes and booze that I wished. Way to take care of your commuters!

And of course, I had to run to the bathroom. Catch 22, you gots to buy your TP in advance, with TW coins of course, which of course I had no time or constitution to handle at the moment. As I sat there losing the last of my bodily fluids, I reflect on a lesson not well enough learned from old Pistol Pete, “When traveling, don’t forget to bring your own tp, cause you never know when good leaves won’t be handy!”

Fucking know it all.

I came away from the ordeal less a pair of shorts. An hour later I made the connection to HK and from there hop on a very nice train to Mong Kok. HOLT Sheep shit!!! Think of Mexico City stacked 30 stories higher and packed to the point of explosion with Asian folks!! Talk about culture shock. This place fucking rocks assholes cause there’s no place to ride. Well, no fun riding anyway. Imagine critical mass on foot. motherfuckers stepping underneath you at all times. There’s an art to it, and most white people don’t get it. More than the half a dozen real collisions that I had were with Americans trying to act like HK folk by cuttin’ people off and what not.

Oh well. Today I explore a bit on my own.

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