It’s good out on the road

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This just in from one of the many Drunkcyclist Correspondents on the prowl:

From: Response
Subject: Travel guide with Primo.
Chicago has a bike scene. The last week has been hot and fucking humid, great riding weather for the masochist in all of us. The reoccurring theme here is girls 1970’s Schwinn, Hornet’s Hollywood’s and Continentals with those fabulous steel frames running 26 1 3/8 tires.

At 1st I though I was on crack, but then I realized that Schwinn’s used to be made here, that explains the big SCHWINE population. Also, there is a refreshing single speed movement here. I was happy to see so many kids running ultra cheap road rigs with single speed and even fixed set ups.

But, of course, I am a malcontent, and ultimately began to get annoyed with the fact that too many of these rigs were running ENORMOUS front rings, What is this the 1930’s?!?! Also, I was amused to see a few of the classic remove your derailleur and shorten the chain till shit fits maneuver.

BRAVO, a true $5 rig.

I thought I had seen it all till a guy rolled by on a $4; rig, less a buck cause he didn’t even bother to oil his chain. I pointed this out to Pistol Pete who simply smiled and said, “He don’t need oil for where he’s goin'”.

True that, a one-way ticket to bicycle hell. Then something bad happened, I saw a sign that said $1 tequila shots, PISTOL PETE. What the fuck? Did they see us coming? The night ended with me getting served bad food with an attitude, after which I had to be physically subdued to avoid being charged with felony stab master arson (don’t ask) but all is well that ends well with Karaoke at 2 am at a place that served “Adventure Beer”.

I love this town. Next Hong Kong and Taiwan.

I don’t know how those two do it, I’m just glad that they do.

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2 Replies to “It’s good out on the road”

  1. The girl’s Schwinn population can be explained by nothing more than the need for cheap and effective transportation. Not to mention, bike thefts here are redunkerous. Why buy a nice bike, only to have it stolen? Also, men trash their bikes. Those 70’s Schwinns did not make it past the 80’s. It really has nothing to do with being made here. There are a lot of 70’s Schwinn girls bikes around here and they can be bought for $15. Places like The Recyclery and Working Bikes Cooperative keep them on the street. Better than the train, bus, or driving.

    Any night of the week you can find $1 burgers, $.15 wings, and $1 beers or shots. Monday-Thursday is a poor mans bar fly paradise. Welcome to Chicago.

  2. Yup, town of Schwinn. Beer flows here like water.

    It’s true that some people run ridiculous ratios, but for the most part this can be done thanks to Chicago being flat as all hell.

    Next time through, find the dumptruck. I’m one thirsty dude.