Landis appeals, I throw in the towel

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Oh jeez…

Calling for “an overhaul” of national and international anti-doping enforcement systems, Floyd Landis announced Wednesday that he has filed an appeal of the ruling that resulted in the stripping of his Tour de France title.

Landis filed an appeal with the International Court of Arbitration for Sport ahead of Thursday’s deadline for challenging the decision of a three-member U.S. arbitration panel that resulted in the 2006 Tour title being awarded to Oscar Pereiro.

“Knowing that the accusations against me are simply wrong, and having risked all my energy and resources – including those of my family, friends and supporters – to show clearly that I won the 2006 Tour de France fair and square, I will continue to fight for what I know is right,” said Landis. “Doping in sport seems to continue to get worse under the current anti-doping system, and this is only a part of the huge amount of proof that the WADA/USADA system needs a total overhaul.” Source:

I guess he has every right to appeal to his hearts content… But come the fuck on. How can this end any way but badly?

The best he can hope for, in my opinion, is that they’ll find the faulty initial testosterone-epitestosterone test was mishandled so badly that it should never have led to the more sophisticated secondary examination of his urine sample, the one that really burned him, the carbon-isotope ratio analysis. He will have to show that the second test can only follow the first, that they are tied together in fact, and the botched beginning should have stopped the whole process right there. And therefore the results of the second on their own are a moot point, nothing more than a sad footnote on history.

Stupid, I know, but that’s all he has. It’s like when the cops find something you rather they wouldn’t in your singlewide trailer early one morning, and your public defender figures out the warrant was for your neighbors house – everything they found is now inadmissible in court. You’re still fuckup trailer trash cooking up meth in your bathroom, but you’ve got an out. And you’re going to use it.

In other news – I’m a doper. I just finished five days of corticosteroid treatment, and I can assure you those little pills made me feel like a rock star. If I were in the middle of, say, a hard training block instead of fighting off a sinus infection, a fist full of these babies would really help me put things to right. If I took just one of the prescribed two tiny pills too late in the day, it would keep me up at night.

I felt, well, much like Willy Voet said he did while chasing the dragon:

“And the effects were felt almost immediately. Three hours after I took the first pill, I began shivering. I had the impression that my lungs were swelling, that I had a new battery somewhere in the system. I felt confident, full of energy, strong as a bull…” (Source:

Good thing I don’t have the time or money to chase the dream, ’cause if I did, I’d be heading down to Mexico about now and hitting all the Tucson group rides from here through February 100% Pro Style.

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24 Replies to “Landis appeals, I throw in the towel”

  1. …hey, whether he’s guilty or not, we all know it’s called saving face…at this point it’s kind of a big “whatever”…

    …we also know that the doping ‘control system’ is both flawed & fucked, so maybe senor landis’ continuing protestations might help work towards clearing up that major debacle…

    …while teams implement solid ‘outsourced’ internal controls, the riders have to unify & demand stringent laboratory controls…even now at the end of this calamitous year, teams & riders are gleaning info through the media before they’re ‘officially’ informed…

    …i though after last season, that this year was gonna be a decent one…uh, uh…WORSE & with the continuing political infighting, does anyone believe next season is gonna be better ???…not bloody likely…more compromises coming our way…

  2. Who needs a big house in Murietta anyways? I’m sure his wife will be fine with living in Pennsyltucky (once they are bankrupt).

  3. Well, the problem is, was the sample even Floyd’s to begin with? Both samples had a control number different than the number for Floyd at that check, so … whose urine was it? The fact that the samples had synthetic testosterone is moot, given that the chain of custody was broken by the mislabeling. And as much as I hate dopers in sports, I equally hate those who screw up the analysis so that nobody can tell if the athelete was doping or not. How hard is it to follow a chain of custody, for crying out loud?


    PS Somebody was cheating on that stage of the TdF

  4. Opus the Poet, you’re fucking delusional. You are confusing OJ and Landis as well as just plain old making up bullshit…

    Come to think of it you are probably that fucking piece of shit Landis himself as he is truly the most delusional fuck head of all times.

  5. …i gotta agree w/ opus, popular view or not…too many fucking variables…even if landis is guilty, too many variables…the lab’s work has been a complete clusterfuck, not just on this case…info’s been leaked to the media ALL SEASON LONG…


    …i’m not naive, drugs have been a part of cycling since the beginning…witness the crap early six-day riders used…but two wrongs don’t make a right…

    …if you were there, ‘not al’, enlighten us as to the facts…prove it to us, dude & i’ll be the first to say i’m wrong…otherwise, three words, “too many variables”…

  6. BGW,
    You have zero clue what the lab did or didn’t do. So absent at least a little proof, I’ll believe the samples were tainted. If you want to apply your “too many variables” theory in a fair and just fashion, we will have to let EVERY SINGLE PERSON out of prison…I just doesn’t work that way.
    Pull your head out…the fucking loser was just another cheater in a sport full of them.
    Do you believe in coincedence? It was a little odd his “best friend” kills himself when this bullshit came out.
    Getting fooled once by a lying athlete is no big deal. However, anyone who doesn’t get what has been going on at this point is no longer getting fooled, but rather is a fool. That bgw, is you.

  7. BGW, to further my point (or to prove yours) provide the procedures that you know they were supposed to follow. Next, provide proof, with necessary citations, of how and when the procedures were violated. We both know you can’t. We both know that you have zero clue what procedures a lab should follow. And we both know you have zero proof of any violations of that procedure.

    Pull your head out, put down the bong, come back to earth.

  8. I olove when people have different ideas, you get to see who the real assholes are. They are the ones that get upset and can not realize that others may feel differently so they call them names to futher demonstrate their intellegence.

    Landis guilty, labs retarded, we really can not be still discussing this?


  9. Jesus Christo,
    That is a funny post…you call people assholes (name calling) for calling people names. You get todays biggest retard award.

  10. Jesus Christo, I gotta take back your biggest retard award…I just read the post about the county with roads too unsafe for bicycle….they are even more retarded than you.

    However, you post was still funny…it was like you called yourself an asshole…thanks for the laughs.

  11. Yes – Landis is a Junkie
    Yes – He cheated in professional sports
    Yes – He made fools of anyne who cheered him on during the most controversial bicycle race since it’s inception
    Yes – He stole money
    Yes – Like any junkie worth their weight in dope, he lies to protect himself
    Yes – He can cut in front of the line ahead of MilliVanilli to have a pine apple shoved up his ass by the media
    Yes – There are others who cheat and will never be found out
    Yes – as long as there are big $$ to be handed out for results you bet there will be cheating in pro sports even Jai alai
    Yes – I believe he will resort to selling a book deal which dimes out everyone he knows, garnering him the title of Stool pigeon
    Yes – He will make more money on that book deal than he could ever had made in pro cycling
    Yes – morons will support his admission and newfound love of fairness and honesty
    Yes – The samemorons will buy limited edition Floyd Landis forpresident cycling jerseys and chamois creme as they ram their Floyd bobble head butt plug up their asses watching his
    triumphant Victory on stage 17…..
    Yes – there are supporters of his quest for clarity
    No – I am not one of them

  12. Not Al. Good think you picked up on that, thanks for the retard reward. Oh yeah still an asshole for calling people names for not agreeing with ya. I called ya an asshole for being a dick. You called someone a name, insulted, or put down cause they didn’t agree with ya. You must be one of those open minded people that as long as everyone thinks like you then you are open minded. If not they are idiots and retards for having different thoughts about the situation. Big fucking deal if someone thinks Landis was clean. Fuck, my Mom (who I don’t call an idiot) still thinks OJ is innocent, for the first time. I have never said “Mom pull your head out of your ass you dellusional idiot, he is guilty” It doesn’t affect me what she thinks. Now if Opus or BGW was like hey jackass listen here or die, Landis is innocent, then I could see you getting upset. Really though other than that it is a internet conversation, so fucking relax.

    I beleive Landis is guilty, the labs fucked up, pro-sports are full of dopers, and even though the people think that the sports would be the same without the dopers, all sports would most likely be slower and less financially attractive so no major organization is going to make their sport go 100% clean. They would lose money when people stopped watching cause it was slower than before.

  13. JC, if you think your less of a dick then congrats…if you are it is a matter of a few degrees separation.

    Your theory on sports and sports marketing is stupid to say the least, but at least you have a lot of company in trying to rationalize away cheating or illegal drug use.

    As for my posts, I like this place. I like the fact that you can spout and swear and as you pointed out, make a general ass out of ones self. So, FUCK YOU. Don’t cry…it’s just some words on some message board, entirely for the fun of it…so you stop taking yourself and the internet so seriously. A-hole

  14. I do not take myself so seriously, or think of myself less of a dick. I just think that when ya shout people don’t get the message they get the anger. I am not crying as you put it, I just was curious why you started calling people names cause they felt that there was some blame that needed to go on the fucking labs.
    As for me and my theory on sports, I am not trying to rationalize doping, I fucking hate the shit. I don’t think it has a place in sports. But to think that major sports are going to go whole hearted after dopers and risk losing billions of dollars on the testing of all players, loss of fans, wasted time in courts (look at Landis) on lawsuits and appeals, then you are simply fucking retarded as you like to call others. You think that pro-ball is going to go after a C.C. Sabathia who is having a stellar year, or someone like Dice K, who has brought millions of dollars into the league from international sponsership, and fan base. Not fucking likely. The only sport really going after it is cycling, and look, even the fucking american flagship of sponsers pulled out, and the king himself, Lance is taking his money else where. I am sure there were other reasons but timing just seems a little odd to me.
    Or maybe I am just not seeing the big picture that you do. Maybe pro-sports likes fairness over millions of dollars. Old George of the Yankees would much rather his team play fair than his pocket get fat.
    You know why pro-ball didn’t go after Bonds like we the fans wanted them to. It made millions of dollars for the league. Yep everytime one of the jackasses bought a ticket to go see a game and hold up their asterisk, that put money in the league’s pocket. Everytime you tune in to see if he made the record, that put more money in their pockets. Everytime you click on the MLB website to see if he got caught that puts money in their pocket. So yeah I could see why they would want to go after him and make the sport fair. Or they could just simply print the record books with an asterisk in it and have all of us buy an updated version so we can have the first print of a book with an asterisk in it for 34.95 US dollars.
    I would love to see a day when there was not doping at any level in sports, no fucking cheating of any kind. But when you put money into the mix there is always going to be someone looking for a easier faster way to make money.
    So yeah I guess my theory on sports and sports marketing is really retarded. I just wonder why you tell me not to take shit so seriously when you were the one who first got upset at what someone else wrote. Very serious for a non-serious person, and one more thing……. “FUCK YOU. “Don’t cry…it’s just some words on some message board, entirely for the fun of it…so you stop taking yourself and the internet so seriously. A-hole”

  15. JC, maybe you should also re-read the comments that inspired me to call someone delusional. To paraphrase…Whose piss was it? That is delusional. Some giant conspriracy to taint 5 different Landis samples is FUCKING DELUSIONAL. That is not a diffence in opinion, that is just plain stupid.

    As for your opinions on sport, your right on…don’t mind me if I think business as usual is FUCKED and I think people who say it is ok are ASSHOLES.

    Let’s move on…you get the last word if you want…but don’t be suprised if I call you names again on another thread…I really don’t mean anything by it…punk.

  16. Not Al just to be clear I agree with you 100% that cheating of any kind in any sport is FUCKED and that people that allow it to happen are ASSHOLES. Just to clarify: I hate that shit and do not think it is okay. I just think that it will never change ’til we as fans stop supporting. Not just a few of us, all of us. And for calling me names on other threads….. fucking rock out with your cock at.