Team Fat Bastard Bailed

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Another fine reader email:

From: Brice
Subject: Emailing: F…FB.jpg
I realize that this is the same stale old story that has been around since the first 24 hr. race was conceived. The loudest, and in this case fattest, most enthusiastic friend who said he would “train hard all year,” bails on the team days before the race. Too late to get a replacement, the team goes on without him, not missing his painfully slow laps or insatiable appetite for food and beer…….just his $109 in entry fees.

As a final ” F U ” to Fat Bastard (yes, that is really his nickname), our collective hope was that we have enough DC gear in the picture to earn a spot on your site…….

Oh, he earned it.

You boys make me proud.

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3 Replies to “Team Fat Bastard Bailed”

  1. …the warmth, sentiment & dedication here brings a tear to my eye…

    …in truth, that is like the great cool name, considering the circumstance,,,