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I am a regular reader of DU’s Top 10 Conservative Idiots. Some mondays the snark is so thick, you’d need a pugsley just to get past the first 3. Then there are a few gems hidden in all that politico-crap.

Top 10 goodness…

George W. Bush screwing the poor

So while the Bush administration’s position on torture may remain, er, ambiguous, there’s one thing they want to make crystal clear: poor kids with no health insurance can go jump off a cliff. Last week George W. Bush cited his desire to see “private medicine, not the federal government running the health care system” before vetoing an expansion to the SCHIP program, which currently insures 6.6 million children from low-income families.

The bill that Our Great Leader vetoed would have insured an extra 3.4 million children. But hey, what’s more important – making sure that we don’t have “socialized-type medicine,” or making sure that children are able to receive medical treatment?

Surely the answer is obvious – after all, the United States spends twice as much money on healthcare as Sweden and France, and yet all of their citizens have easy access to doctors. What a bunch of stupid commies!

No secret here I love the sarcasm, and I am a bit more left-leaning than most.

One of the gems I keep my eyes open for is NanceGreggs. Here’s a snippet why…

Jesus Facing Multiple Charges

Within days of his Second Coming, Jesus Christ (aka Prince of Peace, Savior, The Lord) is facing charges in a number of jurisdictions across the country.

After addressing a crowd in Washington D.C. with what is quickly becoming known as His now-infamous “Blessed are the Peacemakers” speech, Jesus was arrested for holding a political rally without a permit. A possible charge of treason is also pending, given that The Lord’s blatant anti-war statements may constitute a direct threat against the born-again president and his conduct of the war in Iraq.

Later that same day in Orlando, Florida, Jesus was handcuffed by local authorities after feeding a multitude of homeless people who had gathered to hear him speak about being Thy Brother’s Keeper. “We still don’t know how he pulled off the seven loaves and seven fishes thing, but the law is the law,” said the arresting officer, who refused to disclose his identity for fear of losing his immortal soul.

Read the whole thing, it’s just great. And don’t forget about Mondays and the top 10. Especially when you need a reminder of how fucked Rethug’s are compared to Dem’s.


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5 Replies to “Funny funny stuff…”

  1. …’top 10 conservative idiots’…sad but true…our ruling “intelligentsia”…

    …enough said ???…

  2. The NancyGregg bit was clever and pretty much spot-on; thanks for the tip.

    Re: Re vs. De — that’s pretty much a false paradigm; not much practical difference at the national level for quite a while now.

    Can we do better? Same ol’ same ol’ yields same ol’ results.

  3. HP : True at the most basic level, but I was referring to the holier-than-thou, caters to the extreme religious right, David Vitter, Senator Craig, Limbaugh and OReilly crowd of R’s rather than the more ‘normal’ ones. The ones who think dissent equals traitor-ship. The ones who say questioning the President is un-American™. The ones who are more of the “Do as I say, not as I do.” republicans.

    But yes, many Dem’s are as interested in getting re-hired as are the Rep’s; and that is ALL they are interested in american public be damned.

  4. I still wanna nail that fine chocolate drop … I don’t care that she’s been doing ‘roids … she’d hurt me, and I’d love it.