Kid from a small town…

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Brinky went to Hamburg earlier this month. And yes, he’s a sponsored athlete. And yes, he wanted me to say that!

From: Brinky
Subject: world championships/Hamburg
Germany was quite the venue for a triathlon w/ tons of people lining the course. A little too rainy (and a bit cold) for my AZ blood but the people were exceptionally nice and accommodating. All of the team usa people will be coming to the center for high altitude training (and Pay ‘n Take for beers) next trip to AZ.

Being part of and wearing the red white and blue w/ people screaming USA made for some adrenaline.

I felt strong on the swim (24 mins) and finished a couple mins off the leaders; rode real well (1:02:33) and stayed w/ some guys who finished in top ten and was a couple mins off leaders: and pushed the run to a triathlon 10k PR of 39:14 which after adding in the long transitions put me at 2:12:13 for 22nd out of approx 120 in the old guys age group (3rd american) and 286 overall out of over 3500 men, women, and children.

For those w/ nothing better to do, below is the official link for the race which has some cool video (highlight of race weekend was watching the physically challenged athletes kicking ass – a real eye opener). On the right side of the web page has results and a link for race pics (enter bib # 3422 if you want to see me suffering).

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