Las Vegas

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This is my year to be sick of Las Vegas. And I’m not even there yet.

The thought of going out on the road again sends shudders down my spine. And at this point of my life, I guess I should be thankful for shudders. Anyway, Interbyke is now. And I’m heading that way in another day and a half. Pointing the car north and pushing on through. I’ll be rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous and all the assclowns that can’t wait to stand next to someone rich and famous. Or at least famous. Or who won something once. Or is in the mountain bike hall of fame. Or whatever. Someone who plays the part. Someone who cares.

A few of the boys are ducking out this year. I shall not name them, but they will be at home in their comfortable chairs sipping scotch while I eat bad food and drink 10,000 beers in that stinking shithole which is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Which, on its face, doesn’t seem like such a bad deal on my end. Maybe I just complain because I don’t know what else to do?

BGR looked at me today when I suggested a potential fix for his rear brake issues and said, “I kinda hope it doesn’t work, because if you’re right, I’m going to quite being a bike mechanic.”

It didn’t work and BGR still has the same job. You all can rest easy.

Link dump:

[Bike on lap tap]
[The horror]
[White Flour]
[Guy can’t catch a break]
[Pub crawl by pedal power]
[Dad, you have to bail me out, we can totally take these guys]


From: John
Subject: More paranoia
Great. Just fucking great. More paranoia ’cause that’s all we have that’s “real” in government these days.

I don’t understand the complacence of Joe Sixpack. You’re angry, I’m angry. Geez, anyone with half a mind should be angry. The worst part is that the fence-sitters are worse than the small majority of Neocons that willingly support this nutbag administration. What will it take to peel the apathetic (ambivalent even?) masses away from World of Warcraft, suburban sprawl, and pee-wee baseball? Is our nation really that pitiful? Are we really so disconnected from reality that we can’t deal with change?

Everyone needs to ride bikes. Gah.

At least I’m doing another mudfest MTB race tomorrow. hah.

I just know the shit is going to hit the fan with this country as soon as I get my young life to a position I want it. Then, I’m going to have to wreck everything to join some cause which will probably be my end. Fate’s a bitch.


It does make one wonder from time to time…

From: the mead
Subject: You may have heard
You may have heard about this one already. But, in case you haven’t, you need to click on this link right this very second:

One of the most incredible accounts of driver on cyclist violence I’ve ever read. And it’s one that I’m sure happens without record far too often.

Good to know you can always count on the Police when you call them in an emergency.

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8 Replies to “Las Vegas”

  1. …jon…don’t like to use this format to contact you but please look for my E before you hit the long hard road to ‘lost wages’…could be important…

  2. Jesus Jumped Up Christ,has a whining storm hit Arizona or just this website? Don’t fucking go to Las Vegas if you don’t want to. Go shoot heroin in the gutter if you want to. Or, stay home put your daughter in the trailer go for a ride and come back home and decide the direction of your life. Read Invictus. Punch a Republican and get tasered. You’re a brilliant gonzo writer. Work it with joy or do something else.

  3. I hear you man I leave tomorrow and the only thing that motivates me to go is knowing that after the shit hole I get to ride St. George for three days. Las Vegas fucking sucks but a couple days there can easily cured by riding the Goose.

  4. OK, after much observation, I’ve concluded that you obviously have no job to speak of. AFF must be the bomb as far as ad revenue for horny “can’t get laid” cyclists.

  5. No, I gots a job. And its in the bike industry again after my four month web design contract with the University came and went. AFF ain’t the bomb. I can’t get laid. Much love.

  6. I did 4 years in Vegas, as a true cyclist I thought i was in hell
    until the day i got enlightened there. maybe it was a really bad
    crash that 2 guys caused for me.. full face plant.. in a little
    nut fest local practice crit.. Ive rode lots of crits and races
    so this truly shocked me.. but that comes with cycling..

    careful of the drivers who ever goes out that way.. its really non green in that way. bikes/people are open game.. sad but true.