Oh my

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This just in from Snake Hawk McGullicuddy:

From: Snake Hawk
Subject: Redneck Heaven.
Allison and I are taking it straight into the ass of the south this weekend. Myrtle Beach, you sunnuvabitch. Or as it’s known, the Redneck Riviera. One stop on the tour: dixiestampede.com/myrtlebeach.php. It’s like “Medieval Times” but with dumb rednecks: HEAVEN!!!!! And unlimited Pepsi with dinner!!

Oh, OH OH:

Expect a full report on Tuesday. It’s gonna be sick.

Flip-Top Hawk, out.

I can’t wait to read about that one.

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8 Replies to “Oh my”

  1. Dolly Partons Dixie Stampede ???

    Oh my GAWD !!!

    That is the most poor-white-trash/redneck/trailer-trash thing I have ever seen in my life.

    Sign me up.

  2. Myrtle Beach is a hole.

    The people were very nice though.

    I have no need to ever set foot in that town again.

  3. Hey, I went there for my first Honeymoon….
    I evegot to eat at a Nascar cafe; durring Bike week….

    What a Shithole!!!!!!!

    Never been back, never intend too..

  4. The Redneck Riviera is not Myrtle Beach or anywhere else in the South outside of the Panhandle of Florida and just into Mississippi. It has earned the moniker due to it location just south of Alabama, Georgia .


    or Google “Redneck Rivieria

    Us Floridians take a lot of pride in our Yahoos. And if you think Myrtle Beach is a hole, visit the panhandle. Myrtle Beach is metropolitan in comparison.

  5. Being from kentucky, I love the Dixie Stampede! haha You wanna see some for real redneck shit you need to go to greasybrothers.com. If you into hick shit your gonna love the video!!!

  6. I have to admit- I’ve been to Dixie Stampede. Worth every penny. You even get to choose if you want to sit on the “North” or “South” side. Make sure you also go to he “Alabama Grill” (owned by the awful country band)in MB also for the full redneck experience. You can almost feel your IQ dropping.

  7. ..ah, yes, the dirty redneck south…

    …as a young kid in canada, after a long cold winter, easter vacation meant driving south w/ the family, trading snow drifts for sand dunes ‘n’ pine trees for palms…

    …myrtle beach s.c. …man, that was some cool exotic stuff to this youngster…sun, surf & 19 cent burgers, fries ‘n’ milkshakes…now yer tellin’ me they’ve gone upscale w/ dolly parton’s dixie stampede…