The next big thing

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Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)…

From: Chad
Subject: First they gentrified my neighborhood…
…then they got my hobbies:

“Yeah, the basket is totally essential,” said Jessica Torres, a 22-year-old freelance graphic designer with tangled, sand-colored hair who was hanging out in McCarren Park in Williamsburg on Sunday, Sept. 2. Nearby lay her copper Raleigh bicycle with, yes, a steel-colored basket attached under the swooping handlebars. “I like putting my purse and stuff in there, and sometimes I’ll put my roommate’s dog in there,” she said.

“He’s a Chihuahua and he looks sooooo cute in there.” (Bells are also popular.)”

Linked from BikeSnob.

Screw it, I’m bailing out, time to start selling complex financial instruments to these patchouli-sniffing dolts.

Once the “cool kids” get their hands on it, there is one foot in the grave already.

Whats the next big thing? 29ers, fixed gears, peanut butter sandwiches?

Fuck it. I’m calling it now. The next big thing is my kick ass hot pink Moser.

Moser would be proud…

That bike is so badass ya’ll might as well bow.

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12 Replies to “The next big thing”

  1. As the lady said:

    “Maybe you’re right, but would a bunch of pretty ladies riding around on bicycles be so terrible?”

  2. …a thing of beauty is a joy forever…

    …or a least until the next model year…

    …actually, a cool old bike is just that, a cool old bike & hopefully they won’t all get rattlecanned, trashed ‘n’ crashed as fix’s…

    …bikesnobnyc is a great satirical site…always something interesting…

  3. Pink is the new orange, which was the new black.

    Im looking for pink brake cable housing that will run full-coverage for my KM 29’er.

  4. I cannot bring myself to give any shit to anyone, except Bush, who rides a bike at any time for riding that bike or why they are riding it. This Maynerd Hershon-you’re-not-cool-because-I-got-there-first shit can fly anywhere else but we can’t let that attitude into cycling. Cycling is way too important to the future of mankind to keep it away from anyone who wants to do it. You can’t deny penicillin someone because you don’t like how they got the desease. That chica carrying her purse to the park in here basket may have run over your ass with her Escalade instead.

  5. that thing fuckin’ rips….but ditch the saddle bag….there are three pockets on the back of your jersey…plenty o’ room for everything.