Day two at the County Fair

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My sister came up from Phoenix with her two kids, so we went right back into the belly of the beast. Day two at the County Fair.

Fun stuff.

But the situation at the bike rack was some fucking bullshit. My Kona’s in the middle there with the kiddie trailer locked up next to it. Two cars parked just about on top of the bike rack. The car on the right was literally on top of the damn thing.

Cramping my style

Did you notice the handicapped parking only sign?

That ain’t a handicap plate…

That car does not have a handicapped plate. Nor does it have a disabled parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. In short, this is crap.

Yeah, she parked on the bike rack

Yeah, she parked on the bike rack. Or at least drove over it when she parked. I guess no one needs to use that side of the rack, eh? And I know it was a “her” because I actually witnessed all five feet of her walk up to her giant rig while I was leaving.

Can a brother get a table dance?

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14 Replies to “Day two at the County Fair”

  1. I think everyone should give the New River Container Co. a call and let them know what they think of this persons parking skills.

  2. Fuck that bitch, I’m drunk as shit right now! And I’d like to send a big fuck you to her!!!!! If she has troble walkin to her ride then its cool, but if n0nt, I hate hER!!!!! Fuck anyvbody that thinks thay can park in the fucin handcap without some identifiation!!!

  3. …i just worked 25 hr in the last 48 hr & i’m feelin’ a little pissy, so i was delighted to leave 602-228-1969 a message regarding both of her fuck-ups…

    …as a cyclist & a man w/ a few friends in chairs, ya, i find that kinda shit upsetting…

    …i fully agree, call ’em…i suggest being polite but whatever works for you…

  4. …i’m sure ya gotta lotta stuff on yer plate, jonny, but maybe a few well placed ‘e’ mails w/ pics, to yer local county officials might get a dedicated area fer bikes, next year…or am i dreamin’…

    …props to ya for doin’ the fair, on yer bike…

  5. That shit is redonkulous. . . but I gotta admit that I’m just a little bit jealous that you at least HAVE country fairs out that way. The only thing I’ve found in So Flo that could pass for culture since I moved here is the general population’s addiction to using coco butter in the place of sunscreen. Oh yeah, they also don’t respect a single thing about bikers. Go fig.

  6. Seriously, that is fucked. And send that shit in. If no one does it you can raise hell and turn it into a grassroots campaign to unseat the sheriff who chooses not to enforce the law; only the ones he sees fit.

    And there should be a minimum height/weight restriction on those things. If you have to scoot the seat up all the way to reach the pedals, no chance. Get a damn GTI convertible and roll beach-bunny style. Monster trucking should be reserved for dudes (and ladies) over 6′ with a minimum weight of 200. Otherwise, you just being an ass.

  7. Damn, I don’t know how you managed to not scratch her Excretion while racking your bike. Woulda been a shame if there was a hyooge scratch when she came out. +1 on calling her company or sending pics to the sheriff.

  8. It’s shit like this that make me seriously think about taking a little container of surface etching paste to leave a lasting reminder of what I thought of their parking skills.

    And I think it’s seriously time to make some jerky boys calls to this jagoff, but hey kids, don’t forget to *67 first, eh?

  9. you need a bunch of these:

    Also, cops aren’t often supportive of bikes, but they are often supportive of non-handicapped people not parking in handicapped spaces. There’s often a big ticket involved with it. IF you can find a cop when you need one….

  10. Its bullshit at our county fair they won’t even let bikes on the grounds. That would be the shit we would have to put up with

  11. …hope “new river” came into work this morning to find their answering service had been blanketed w/ calls…

    …likely as not, the bosses wife was driving that hulk over the weekend, so it’ll be a case of “oh, fuck those guys, let ’em grow up & drive real vehicles !”…

    …might be worth a call back in a coupla days…

  12. you bicyclists need to get a life, you dont own the road, and the handicapped sign is in front of the bike rack, are you handicapped?

    oh, oh, oh, oh, wah wah wah someone parked next to my BICYCLE with their truck, I CANT POSSIBLY PICK THE FUCKING THING UP AND TURN IT SIDEWAYS TO GET IT OUT.

    people are so not understanding us……