AZ Rider goes well at U.S. Pro Champs

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Thought I would drop a quick post on “JR” Michael Grabinger and his results at the weekend’s U.S. Professional Championships where he went 11th in the TT and 16th in the RR. Not bad considering the TT winner was Dave Z. who went 2nd in the 2006 World TT Champs. and the RR winner was Levi Leaperhammer who was 3rd in the TdF. So if you are wondering why JR can roll it over the steps (Flagstaff group ride) in the big ring, now you know. I don’t think any other pros from AZ were there aside from Curtis Gunn who was ~ top 25 in the TT. Phil Z raced, but has relocated to Boulder I believe, so no hot AZ summer for him. If you see JR at the Pay N Take this fall, send a pint his way.


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2 Replies to “AZ Rider goes well at U.S. Pro Champs”

  1. Kick ass!!!! I keep pushing shift and the 2 which means I’m put a bunch of at'(@@@@)s at the end of every sentcine!!! Fuckin a man, fucking a.

  2. JR is a badass. No wonder I can barely ride next to the guy on an “easy” ride. Jesus. He should be buying me beer.

    And don’t forget #33 Saul Raisun who rode a .44’07” @ 4’33” back.

    Good on ya.