Steve Garro takes a 3rd and a 4th at Hand Bike Worlds

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Local legend and friend of Drunkcyclist Steve Garro took a 3rd in the Hill Climb and a 4th in the Cross Country at The 2nd Annual World Off-Road Handcycling Championships held in Mount Crested Butte, Colorado last weekend.

Big ups.

I stopped by Steve’s place after my morning mountain bike ride, as he lives less than a mile from the Drunkcyclist World Headquarters. He was in good spirits and showed me some pics of the event. You can see ’em over at his blog:

Here’s a quick snip of his post:

the first day was the hillclimb – 2 miles straight up the side of the mountain to well over 10,000 feet. i was dicing it out the whole way for 2nd with last year’s silver medalist, drew wills, after passing 5 riders after the start. it was grueling! i came in 3rd with seth arseneau winning and steve ackerman in 4th. the second day was the x-country, three miles up and down the muontain with a mass start. i was seeded near the back of the twelve starters as they put the fastest riders at the back to make it “more interesting”, which it surely did. i ended up yo-yoing back and forth with last year’s bronze medalist, steve ackerman, renound hard-man, the 1st guy to hand cycle around the world! it was a gruesome contest of who could endure the most pain with drew in 2nd and in sight the entire time and steve won, putting me in 4th with seth taking the gold once again. all in all i think i did really good for a rookie, it was a treat and a surprise to duel it out with the world’s finest and to sit on the podium for both days in a world championships less then two years after almost dying, something i would have never belived would ever happen!

Full results should be up at in the near future.

Congratulations Steve, you are one hard man.

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2 Replies to “Steve Garro takes a 3rd and a 4th at Hand Bike Worlds”

  1. …my friend john davis doesn’t know it, but every time i watched him race his chair downhill fast @ mammoth, tahoe or wherever, through the years, that son of a gun brought a tear to my eyes, cuz i saw a man w/ so much determination to overcome, so much heart ‘n’ spirit & talk about balls…

    …i’ve been through some serious physical shit in my life, but ya, i feel like a pussy too, big ring…

    …kudos to yer boy steve garro, jonny, much respect…