AZ Underground #3: Hill Climb

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A quick reminder.

From: Michael
Subject: hill climb?
hey jonny,
do you think that you could n=mention the hillclimb (the last race in the single speed seris on your site. then maybe link meandrosco for the details.

the hill climb is sunday sept. 2 at high noon. meet where elden lookout road turns to dirt.

Link as follows:

Not sure what “n=mention” means. Could be “not mention”? In which case, I really screwed up by posting this.

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  1. the equals sign is SO close to the backspace, easy mistake. maybe they should make these “keyboards” bigger and space all of the “keys” further apart.

  2. but then you would need giant hands to type, maybe the big “keyboard” is not such a sweet idea after all.