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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday… Race fans, hot rodders… Are you ready to sit on your ass in your back yard and not do a damn thing all day?

Sign me up, Chief.

Did I ride a bike today? No. Did I even look at my bikes today? No. What did you do, fat boy? I laid in the grass with my daughter and watched clouds. And I uploaded some pics from Leadville.

Big Pun and Snake share a birthday today. So, tip of the pint to those two bastards. You made it another year. Now give me a dollar.

Link dump:

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[Fucking Democrats]

And, of course, email:

From: Dave
Subject: Bike paths are not transportation infrastructure according to our Secretary of Transportation
Yo Big Jonny,

I figured I could really make your day with a nice little quote found here (about a third of the way down)

“GWEN IFILL: Aren’t many of those projects, even though they’re special interest projects, aren’t they roads and bridges, often?

MARY PETERS: Gwen, some of them are, but many of them are not. There are museums that are being built with that money, bike paths, trails, repairing lighthouses. Those are some of the kind of things that that money is being spent on, as opposed to our infrastructure.”

So next time you are commuting by bike, remember, it’s not transportation. And of course lighthouses, which protect transportation don’t apply either. Like those lines on the freeway, or guard rails, completely not related to transportation. Probably a liberal conspiracy.

Breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

So you want to ride your bike to work because it will keep you in shape, it’s a time you can exercise and not be away from your kids (you’d be using that time to commute anyway) and, hell, save a few bucks on gas. A tank in my car these days is $50 bucks.

And we call can use and extra fifty now and again, am I right?

Too bad riding your bike isn’t something Mary Peters, the United States Secretary of Transportation, concerns herself with.

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3 Replies to “Link dump”

  1. Maybe she can run for governor of your fine state some day, perhaps at the end of this administration. I think that’s something you’d NOT enjoy.

  2. Apparently John McCain also has a problem with bike path funding:

    “That’s what’s bred the corruption in Washington, that’s what’s caused members of Congress to be in jail,” said McCain. “The most egregious of these pork barrel projects are on highway bills which are intended not for bridges to nowhere, not for museums, not for bike paths, but to make transportation safe and available to all Americans.”

  3. I hate to say it but I agree that bike paths are not part of transportation infrastructure. It sucks that they generally are an afterthought but as an engineer we do very little to get a bike trail or path incorporated into planing from a technical standpoint. Most of the time someone has to ask for one before it is placed on the plans..again a bummer. Having a bike lane on a roadway or across a bridge is definitely part of the infrastructure, but a bike path winding along a stream is not.

    hard to understand what those politicians are talking about when it is out of context.