Vino’s a douche

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Get a load of this:

“In cycling nobody respects human rights,” said Vinokourov in an exclusive interview with Reuters. “The situation is now worse than any other sport. I hope the truth will be found and I am going to fight for it.”

…Vino denounced cycling’s current anti-doping procedures, calling them “a clear violation of human rights.” He added, “You have to say three months in advance where you are planning to be, at what hour and minute. It’s not possible.”


Who is he kidding? Human rights? You had someone else’s blood in you, buddy. That’s against the rules.

I need me some Borat…

Update: John emailed this pic:

Summer’s Vino Douche

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11 Replies to “Vino’s a douche”

  1. …ah, yes. Vino the necromancer, the ‘Golden Boy of the Kazakh’ trying to turn shit into gold…

    …another befuddled alchemist.

  2. Well, now Vino has plenty of time to launch a campaign to fight human rights abuses in cycling.

  3. yeah, amnesty international’s next annual report will now include a chapter for the oppressed peloton.


  4. The question is: is he a bigger loser than Floyd?

    time for a poll

    Vino is a loser but Floyd is a cocksucker IMHO