Snow Job can’t do it for a measly $168,000

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Think of the children. The children…

White House press secretary Tony Snow will step down from his position as early as next month, sources inside and outside the Bush administration told CNN on Friday.

…Snow told conservative talk-show host Hugh Hewitt on Thursday that “financial reasons” may prevent him for serving the remainder of his boss’s presidency.

“I’m not going to be able to go the distance, but that’s primarily for financial reasons.” Snow said. “I’ve told people when my money runs out, then I’ve got to go.”


168k a year and the money is running out?

I have a very short list of things I wouldn’t do for $168,000 a year. Gay Porn is on that list. And I mean starring in Gay Porn. I’d film it, sell it, even mop up the set after it.

That is some long cash. I really feel for him and his family. It’s quite a sacrifice he made in order to stand up in front of the whole country and lie through his teeth every day. I mean, jeez, he must have had to cut back on eating out in restaurants, family vacations, buying that new car. I can’t imagine what last Christmas looked like at his place. I’m sure none of his three kids got what they want, he and the wife didn’t get each other anything. Next year, honey, next year when I have a better job. One that pays more than one hundred and sixty eight thousand dollars.

Grim business, I’m sure.

You just gotta love it when people refer to his time as Press Secretary as a resume builder and a springboard to working with the likes of Michelle Malkin.

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12 Replies to “Snow Job can’t do it for a measly $168,000”

  1. See “Big Tony SnowJob” in “My Bad, Ohh, You’re Badder” coming soon to a gay porn theater near you.

    Oh, wow, looks who’s got production rights !

  2. Financial reasons that may have something small to do with the fact that he’s had CANCER….TWICE. See what that’ll do to your bank account. And yes, I’m sure he’s got health insurance, but it’ll still cost you…I’ve got a friend in the same situation (beat non-Hodgins Lymphoma twice)…if he didn’t own his own company, he’d be in a world of hurt.

  3. Even with all the money that Grima Wormtongue -err- Tony Snow has squared away (kosher AND treif) this jackass has most definitely had his finances gutted. But I have precious sympahty for a ratfuck son of a bitch like Snow. I lost my father to colo-rectal cancer, and he was diagnosed THREE times and had a colostomy before he died. We weren’t incredibly well off, and while he had health insurance, it was a hassle to get squared up afterwards. I can’t believe that he can’t do the same.

    I wouldn’t wish cancer on most people, but I would not shed a fucking tear if Tony Snow is forced to suffer like regular folks. And he’s not gonna be hurting after he leaves either. I have 5 words for you: “Lecture Circuit and Book Contracts.”

  4. I hope he gets cancer a third time and can’t outrun it.

    Lying for a living has a way of ruining your health as well as your soul.

  5. When you’re there, say hey to Bill and Hill for me. I’m not planning on an afterlife personally, I’m living this one full freakin’ throttle, damn the torpedos. And if I go because some ass in Kansas City runs me off the road, oh well. But I still wouldn’t wish death (especially cancer) on anyone. However, you couldn’t be a “punk” if you changed your venomous views, so good on ya.

  6. The question of whether or not any of us believe in an afterlife and/or a higher being (The RZA does NOT count)is a topic for much heated discussion, barbeque, and many cases of Single Malt Whisky. And no, I’m not buying.

    Tony Snow is an arrogant motherfucker, and I hope he encounters an afterlife more horrific and unholy than anything H.P. Lovecraft could ever dream up. I hope his passing is so goddamned painful that he can’t stop crying. For his part in the Bush Administration, I want him to die like a jailhouse bitch. The same would go for any motherfucker that shits on the Constitution and allows American men and women to die for their appetites.

    I’m with you, Sommerfliesby. I swear on Mojo Nixon’s liver, I’m with you. The Bush Administration is surely not going to be the only Presidency to be called on their bullshit. I have a motto: If you know you’re going to Hell, make sure you’re AT the barbeque, and NOT the barbeque. If I have to burn in someone’s definition of the afterlife just so I can wish a painful malignant cancerous death on Tony Snow, I’ll put in a good word for you with the First of the Fallen.

    Hey Tony, I have three words for you: “Leaky Colostomy Bag.” Get used to it, bitch.

  7. One thing I’m loving about this blog…MAN you guys have some awesome expressions of vitriol!

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