Jenna Bush Pregnant?

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I read she was getting married. I didn’t know she a) had sex out of wedlock, b) doesn’t understand how condoms work and c) was failed by the abstinence-only policies her own father pushed on the country.

Read this: And this:

But I can’t say I’m really surprised. Nothing those fuckers (read: BushCo) ever trotted out was a solution to any real problem; it was all about appealing to “values voters” in the fucking fly-over states.

The man who championed Abstinence Only as our National Sex Education Program has a knocked up daughter….

Go figure.

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7 Replies to “Jenna Bush Pregnant?”

  1. There was a guy working for Karl Rove that could get it up and actually impregnate a woman?

    That’s very, very, very fucking hard (as in not hard, except if Jeff Gannon is around) to believe.

  2. I wouldn’t fuck her with Michael Vick’s dick. Oh wait a minute – that ratfuck jizzmop has Herpes…..Yep – Have Michael Vick fuck Jenna, and let Larry Flynt sell this on PPV.