Biker Down

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This one it totally fucked:

Car strikes two cyclists in road rage

05:16 PM PDT on Friday, August 17, 2007


Police arrested a driver Friday afternoon after a bizarre chase in which two cyclists were hit by a car in Southeast Portland.

It all started around 12:30 on 1000 block of Southeast Clinton Street. Police said 46-year-old Johnny Eschweiler was driving along when he reported a cyclist kicked his car. Officers said Eschweiler sped up and hit the cyclist, who rolled onto the hood of the car, smashing the windshield.

The car continued on about 75 feet, sideswiping a car and hitting a truck before turning a corner where another cyclist heading towards the car was then hit, investigators said.

Police arrested Eschweiler and charged him with two counts of attempted assault.

The cyclists, 25-year-old Ben Ramsdell and 41-year-old Timothy Mastne, were taken to OHSU. Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Neither cyclist was wearing a helmet.

Story here:

Two counts of attempted assault? How ’bout attempted murder? I mean, that is what he was trying to do, right, to kill those cyclists?

That is someone’s bike under that car. That could have been the cyclist as well. Attempted assault? Looks like he did more that just “attempt” it. He done done it.

* Update: There are two bikes under that car. News video from

* Second Update: Measure 11 (what Ramsdell is being charged with) defined here:

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15 Replies to “Biker Down”

  1. I thought Portland was bike friendly? I guess stupid fucking idiots are everywere.
    As a side note lets all remember to protect our melons out there. It may only be a helmet but it can make all the difference in the world.
    Keep it on two wheels

  2. there have been at least three incidents in the last month in Boise, Idaho. Here is a picture of my buddy’s bike after some bitch brake checked him after sideswiping him. Then she took off to leave him bleeding and woozy. He ended up being okay but that lady lost many karma points. Then two weeks later i went to a benefit for this guy who got creamed by a car and is in a wheelchair, and that fucker took off too. At the benefit someone relayed ANOTHER story of someone making a bike crash and taking off. things are getting tense out there. I can’t figure out how to copy the picture of one of the bikes, but it was in four pieces, and that is fucked.

  3. We, in Oregon, really need to toughen up our laws when it comes to fucking up people’s lives with a car, be it intentionally, as in this case, or just by being a moron and doing something you’re not supposed to do, like passing a left turning vehicle on the left. I’m not sure the negligent homicide law has taken effect yet, but seriously… You just ran down two people with your car and you’re facing “attempted” assault? I’m pretty sure they were assaulted all right as the news showed one departing the scene in an ambulance. At least it’s a felony (I think).

  4. I have nothing to say that hasn’t already been said, but wtf?

    This is an absolute outrage that the police don’t have him in on attempted murder as well as vehicular assault at the very least…what, since the biker *might* have touched his steel-caged biker beater before he lost all his marbles he’s off the hook? F*** this attitude that a pedestrian is worth more than a biker, they are both victims of this car-centric justice policy.

    We need to start putting these people in a world of hurt so they stop using their cars as weapons.

  5. Considering how easy an enterprising techie can dig up info on someone they don’t like, and considering that this motherfucker’s name was listed (as well as the kind of car and quite possibly his license plate) in the story and photos, I wonder how long it will be before this asshole gets his private info aired out.

  6. attempted assult? how about assult with a deadly weapon and attemped murder

    memo: do not kick a car

    but why in the fuck do all these drivers hate us so much?

    I don’t think they get the fact that bikes follow the same rules of the road but with joggers running against traffic in our lane

  7. oh and can we get a big tits and blow jobs link for old time sake

    all this negative shit

  8. A friggin police officer can wax a car driver if they feel threatened when a vehicle is speeding towards them. I.E., they can use deadly force. Wouldn’t it be jacked if more cyclists started shooting bastards? OK, damn I’m pissed. Deep breath…..

  9. The way I see it, somebody does that to me, the car is a “Deadly Weapon” and my life is in danger. Mr. Glock 27 is coming out in a big hurry if I’m not dead.

  10. WTF!!!! I love how each report at the end focuses on the cyclists not wearing helmets! As if when hit by a car that is “gunning” you down that would help or like it’s the cyclists fault because they were not wearing their helmets. Of course when a driver see’s you have your helmet on it’s then ok to nail the fucker. Hey it’s an extra 10 points when you able to take a cyclist down without his/her helmet on. Oh yeah and add 5pts for the bikes UNDER THE FUCKING car.

    SoCal and bummed……….

  11. same shit happens in Vegas also.. I think when people wake up
    if they do,, they will see that all we would like is to co-exist
    with everything.. after all we are cyclists with lives..

    soon to move to Oregon.. I try and bring good vibes to all cities
    i live in, lucky to be alive in another city.. ;-)

    Peace All,

  12. i was riding home one day in manhattan when a yellow cab started honking at me for no reason. There was plenty of room to pass. Eventually, I flipped him the bird. i looked behind me to see him driving with his driver’s side door opened. He tried to smack me with the door, but fortunately i was able to hop the curb in time to dodge the door while riding a fixie. First time i had seen that move. Watch out for it.

  13. That’s why I skate in NYC, R.A. I get more mobility in between cars and can hop curbs when morons aren’t watching where they’re going. I’m seriously thinking about putting my trusty old ASP Tactical Baton back on my belt when I go out skating again….