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27 Replies to “Retardville”

  1. so glad that guy walked away from that… one of the most hardcore moments I have ever witnessed, along with some of the skiing crashes I have seen.

  2. Brown begins recovery LA Times

    Skateboarder Jake Brown, whose 45-foot free-fall Thursday night brought a hush to the crowd at Staples Center, remains hospitalized after suffering bruises of the liver and lung, stress fractures in his vertebrae and a small fracture on the top of one hand.

    Brown, 32, who was injured during the big air competition on the mega-ramp during a silver medalist performance, is expected to be released from the hospital today or Sunday and make a full recovery.

    “Doctors said there was no paralysis or anything like that,” said Bryce Kanights, team manager for Adidas, which is among Brown’s corporate sponsors.

    Kanights was critical of X Games medical personnel for not immobilizing Brown immediately and placing him in a stretcher.

    A hospital spokesman refused to discuss Brown’s condition.

  3. With all due respect, sometimes you just CANT keep an idiot down. I know sometimes I should stay down for a minute longer before I spring up with all the adrenaline, only to discover I have severely sprained my ankle moments later when I fall down again.

    As long as he got to the hospital, and didnt die, he’ll be fine. He might have second thought about doing stupid shit like that again, but I doubt it.

  4. BP got that right. It’s an essential part of the ethos of these guys that you shake it off and walk away. Common sense doesn’t enter into it because the very activity these guys are taking part in is wacko nuts. I understand they are highly skilled athletes, probably world class, and that nothing I ever did on my wildest day was ever even a third as dangerous as what these guys do routinely, but you still gotta be crazy to do the move he was doing.

    Mad respect to these guys.

  5. bikepunk,
    i have a hard time calling these acts stupid. they are taking skateboarding to a snowboarding scale! it is an awesome progression and taking your lumps is just part of it..its not like this guy is the Josh Bender of the skateboard world, he landed a giant 720 right before he wrecked
    just my 2 cents

  6. “Kanights was critical of X Games medical personnel for not immobilizing Brown immediately and placing him in a stretcher”.

    – As a trained first-aider, he’s correct in this criticism. Haven’t seen a vert slam this bad since Chris Miller in the Upland Combi late 80’s. No kidding he’s got internal bruising. And if ya think there’s no doping in x-games, ask these guys about corticoids.

  7. oh, man, oh man oh man. just watched this and yeah the slam Chris Miller had in upland still wakes me up at night to this day. I need to walk around my block and shake off the sight of what I just witnessed.

  8. skills or not thats Darwins fuckin’ waiting room.

    bravo for having the skills an’ cajones for landing the gap, but that shit has a risk to reward ratio that might actually define a compromised mental capacity.

  9. Yeah, these guys do have a get up and shake it off ethos, but the medics shouldn’t give two shits about that. They should have immediately put a c-collar on him ad got him on the stretcher. He shouldn’t of even had a chance to get up and walk away.

    You don’t fuckin mess with spinal injuries.

  10. Bikepunk…”Stupid Shit”??? It’s the dudes fucking job!! Nobody else was put in any sort of danger, he crashed riding a skateboard…Give the Gentlemen’s Jack to the high school chicks down the street, grab some Old Crow and stop measuring your rides in Kilometers…for fucks sake!!!

  11. wow! I can’t believe everyones talking smack on this guy?that 720 was fucking amazing,I have nothing but respect for anyone that can even skate that thing!

  12. Bullshit. The people who let him stand up should have their credentials torn from them via their sphincters. I mean letting him stand up was beyond ignorant. There was as much a chance that he dropped dead right there as walked away. Unreal.

  13. kinda funny cyclist are saying skateboarders are nuts, yet cyclist hurl themselves down mountains at 60 mph dressed in spandex

    you guys sound the way my father did bitching about skating when I was a teenager… what a bunch of geezers

  14. Kark, you naied it. Does this guy have big huevos for even trying? Yep. Is he lucky? Yep. Sweet Mother of Mojo Nixon, this guy is lucky. He fucking well dropped from 40 feet, and that was the extent of his injuries? If this mook twisted maybe 5 degrees in a different direction before he landed, they’d have to use a squeegee and a bucket to carry him off.

    Ononecog, I suppose you always wear your helmet and at least writstguards and knee pads every time you get on your skateboard, right? As an inline skater in NYC who’s been hit by idiot drivers, rolled off of taxicabs, and thankfully broken only one bone, I ALWAYS wear body armor. If you’re going to enjoy a sport and not take necessary precautions, then I hope your rehabilative physical therapy isn’t too painful.

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