Thank God it’s Friday

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Today’s ride was two hours. I got rained on toward the end. Enough that I had a hot shower and a bowl of soup when I got home.

Today’s animal sighting was a mountain lion. First one I’ve seen up here, the second I’ve ever seen lifetime. Outside of stuff and mounted, that is. The first one was down near Payson, at night, in the rain, when I was out camping. I walked down to some stream with my dog (RIP baby!) and shined my bike headlamp (better than a flashlight) across the way and the cat’s eyes lit up. Not much doubt what I was looking at. Even at night and in the rain.

Today I was knocking around out on the mesa, riding all the wacky shithouse double tracks I always pass and think to myself “where the hell does that go?” I rode a few of ’em, there is plenty left for another day. Anyway, I come over this short rise, and it takes off running. At first I though it was another coyote, low and lean. But it stopped about 80 yards out and turned sideways at the base of three pines grouped together. I saw the tail twitching back and forth, not much doubt was I was looking at version 2.0

It’s wild safari up in here.

I’ve no idea what this is, or how I came across it. But I do appreciate a good photograph as much as the next person in line behind me. Check it out: And they’ve got a bunch more visual entertainment on the main part of the site:

Gave me something to stare at for ten minutes anyway.

I’ve been listening to Competitor Radio of late. Especially last week at work while I typed code and tried to hang myself with a swingline stapler. (what, you saying I can’t do it?) Gnomie wrapped it up and got new gig in Tucson two weeks ago. I finished up on Tuesday, the last day of July. Gotta love four months of contract work.

I guess that’s why I’ve been spending the better half of this week getting out on my bike and fuck all. If you haven’t checked out yet, I suggest you do: Here’s a list of some of the interviews that kept me hanging on every word:

[Greg Lemond]
[David Walsh part 1]
[David Walsh part 2]
[Betsy Andreu]

Easy listening right there.

Today’s email:

From: John
Subject: Where you at?
I’d like to see Vaughters revisit his personal involvement with the doping culture. Very few people outside of the small band of eternally hopeful fools who follow the sport have ever heard of the guy, but that’s going to change if Slipstream gets some traction and emerges into the public consciousness. Telling the story now when the issue is fresh in most people’s minds rather than having it brought up at a later date (which it definitely will be as soon as his team leaves the relative comfort of its obscurity behind) has to be the way to go, doesn’t it? Riis’ “confession” was essentially coerced; here’s a guy who competed at the same level during the peak of the EPO era who has the opportunity to tell it how it is to a much larger audience than was listening when he retired. I’d really like to see Slipstream succeed, but I’ve got that nagging feeling that my enthusiasm is nothing more than a shipwreck victim’s enthusiasm for something that floats.

How’s that training for next year’s Cream Puff coming along?

Training for Cream Puff? Is that what I’ve been doing these last three days?

If I’m going to drive all they way up there, drop hundreds on entry and let the likes of Kevin Noble put three hours into me, I had better figure out how to ride a bike a lot better than I’ve been doing or it’s going to suck.

And I mean: A. Lot. Better.

No promises, but I won’t rule it out either.

Regarding Vaughters: He had better air out all the dirty laundry on the front end, before he gets in too deep. A guy like Riis had his problems before trying to portray himself as an anti-doping crusader, but it’s even worse now. Anything CSC does, has done and will do is suspect. If there is drug use in Vaughters background, and I think there is if that IM transcript between him and Andreu means anything, it will never go away. He’s got to face it head on.

Or it will come back and bite him on the ass.

And, just so you know, cycling is the only sport with a drug problem.

Detroit Tigers infielder Neifi Perez was suspended 80 games for his third violation of Major League Baseball’s ban on amphetamines.

….The sport provides mandatory counseling for a first failed test. A second positive results in a 25-game ban, and a third means an 80-game suspension.


Counseling, 25 then 80 games. Makes a two-year ban on the first offense look pretty damn hardcore.

Fucking baseball. Did Roid Head Bonds hit his 755th yet? He’s due. Drinking the clear ain’t easy. It tastes like ass. Or ass flavored with flaxseed oil. Or, flaxseed oil flavored with ass. Hey man, who am I to judge? Whatever you’re into…

Bonds reportedly told the grand jury that he thought he was taking flaxseed oil, not the clear. Arnold challenged that and likened the liquid to “nontoxic antifreeze.”

He added: “I guess it’s possible that Barry had never tasted flaxseed oil and said, ‘Well, I guess this is flaxseed oil.’ But it’s pretty hard to believe.”


Thank God it’s Friday.

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7 Replies to “Thank God it’s Friday”

  1. grrrrrrrrrrrrreat lemond interview. thanks so much for posting that. can’t really understand the vitriol aimed at that guy. he’s the real deal.

    my hope is that “cycling” stays bigger than “doping” in your tag cloud.

    keep it coming.

  2. Yes Thank someone its Friday, what a week.. but the bike always seems to balance all the shit out for me.. I’m not a cube monkey
    anymore, but when i move from Vegas to Oregon I really think things
    are going to adjust even better for me and my family.. work and life.. but i never search for things to make me happy,, just try and live simple in a very confused world these days..

    Thanks for the links, and everyone reading this have a bitchin
    weekend and pedel your ass off, or just ride and enjoy ;-)


  3. Wow, I was thinking about mountain lions this morning on my ride to work. Not much interested in meeting the business end of one of them. Spooky.

  4. LeMond comes across as articulate & well informed in full length interviews, but man, when he gets pared down to a sound bite, it always sounds self-serving & whinny.

    Good points made on Vaughters future. It does need to be on the front end, but where does he draw the line? Revealing everything he knows may just earn him more than ostracism when SlipStream Sports hits the bigs. Guy probably has seen a lot.

    Any insight he could offer might be a moot point by next year, but somehow I doubt it.

    Really wanna see Jonathon V. & the Slips play big peleton music, but just like when the Stones go on tour, they’re gonna need that big-time corporate sponsor. …”go, Johnny, go”…

    Nice of the dude willing to donate his E-bay cycling earnings to the cause, but there’s gotta be a better way.

  5. Fuck that.

    Lemonds on a bullshit trumpet just like anyone else. He is the guy that attributed tour success to a “good doctor” after all. And it’s not like doping was new in the 80’s. It has be ingrained since post WWII.

  6. Lemond is pissed that his Tour record has been passed over and is little more than a footnote in cycling history. He’s just trying to keep his (fat) face out there in an effort to still seem important and topical. He is, in fact, a whiny, self-serving bitch. Not quite to Vaughters’ level, but…

  7. Nice link.

    shoot the messenger like most of the industry already does if you will but he has more to lose than anyone from his words. Trek has asked him to shut his piehole more than once among other things. So has Lance and so has that fucktard Floyd and his manager. All in rather undignified fashion; known to the public or not.

    He has no sour grapes or axe to grind in my opinion

    Bring it Greg. Don’t change man. As my man Too Short says; Blow the Whistle

    BTW did anyone notice that Frankie A. never did a Disco interview on VS this Tour?