The Superweek Solution from Bobke Strut

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This man has a point as well:

Which brings me to the 2008 Tour de France. If one really cares about the future of the Tour, if one really cares about instilling a sense of integrity and truth to the most beautiful spectacle in sport, if one really wants to send a message to the Euro squads that we’re fed up with their doping fiascos, then send them all to Superweek. Here’s how it plays out:

At medical check-in prior to the TdF all the squads are told to simply pack a single suitcase of leisure clothes along with their cycling shoes/pedals. Surprise! You’re all flying to Wisconsin! No Tour for you. 12 months.

At the same time back in the U.S., everyone who’s pre-registered for the Pro/1 Superweek event will receive a plane ticket to France and similarly be instructed to pack a single suitcase of leisure clothes plus their cycling shoes/pedals. This is your new Tour de France peloton.


I don’t think it would ever happen, not in a million years. But, damn, it sure would be something.

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10 Replies to “The Superweek Solution from Bobke Strut”

  1. …fun idea, but still begs the question, “how many domestic riders would test positive ?”

  2. super crash week.. well kids we get all the top pros
    lined up for the best most fun crash fest ever.. i can see dudes
    jumpin for a 20 buck prem and taking half the field out.

    use to piss me off how some assholes raced.. ahh well still happens
    on group ride..LOL


  3. Of course, nobody at Superweek is doing 100k crits every night of the week, for two and a half weeks, on drugs of any kind. Fill in the blank time: In all my years of doing Superweek, I can name __ instances of a drug test going down, at Superweek.

    Am I actually reading that someone thinks that starving US-based Pro/1’s have the power to redeem the sport because they’re doing it just “for the love of it”? No wait, is it that we need to take this opportunity to punish euro pros because they’re living out our dreams? I’m clean, I deserve that? Nope.


    Enough with sanctimony. The tabloid aspect of the tour this year was unwelcome to say the least and got really old, what with your co-workers and relatives that know nothing of bike racing asking you about it, and it subtracted from what was a actually a great race but nobody died people.

  4. I think it would be suprising how many of the guys from Superweek would come up positive…lots of low level belgium guys, and this year the mexican dudes were there…

  5. I see Bobkestrut still links up Joe Papp.

    Nothing wrong with linking the dude who boasted on the witness stand how much dope he used in a minor cycling career, and testifying against Floyd, except he never met Floyd and had no knowledge whatsoever of what Floyd did or didn’t do.

    Is there?

  6. Good Stuff from Bobke! Although it would be more of a science experiment than a solution. Not too many Euro pros would survive the culture shock of a week in Wisconsin. They’d be exposed to the darkside…body fat percentages would rise, blood alcohol levels would become elevated, accents would change and eventually they’d just have to stay to feed the monster. Conversely, the pros sent to the tour, after much suffering, might actually re-enter society in better shape mentally and physically after the experience. Looking at Bobke’s Superweek link, It’s been 15-plus years since I’ve raced Superweek, but what a great new sponsor…Point Beer (formerly known as “Blue Bullets” in cans!)

  7. Don’t know if you ever read his shit, but if you follow doping shit, then you can never completely ignore Matt Decanio’s website. Is he a fucking loon? Yep. Does he know dope about shit, or shit about dope? Yep.

  8. Decanio? Really? You’re holding him up as an example of who knows what about doping? Come on now, please, seriously. Let that guy rest, and disappear. He’s crazy as a shit house rat.