A few hours on the bike

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I had the time yesterday to go out for a good long ride. And I did. Four hours. I saw about 50 Elk running around in the woods. Most were together, off to my left. Ten two young bucks came across in front of me to join the others. Seems they were out catching a smoke behind the woodshed and got caught out or something.

If Snake were there, he’d have wanted to shoot one.

Today I got another two hours in. I think I’m on to something here – ride a bike. Not bad, really. I see how it plays out.

I did not see any Elk today, but I saw a bunch of other shit Snake would probably like to shoot: A coyote, a few squirrels, some rabbits, and a couple ‘o dozen prairie dogs. He’d have gone all “seekers of the mist” crazy on a day like today.

Six hours in two days is the high point of my entire year to date. Shit, more like entire year. This coming Sunday marks one year since that bastard hit me. And I’m really just starting to feel like I’m coming around.

And it’s a long time coming.

Let’s go to an email just because I can:

From: Nik
Subject: Sweet Farwell
Scotland: An Amazing place…Interesting folk who, of course, like to Drink…I was walking by a Pub the other morning, I’d say around 10am, the door opened so a few people could got outside for a smoke (no smoking indoors) and the place was hopping. Music blaring and full to capacity. Mind you it 10 am on a Thursday…All day, every day most pubs have folk out in front enjoying a wee smoke, music loud, and beer being poured…

And to say there a lot of pubs would be an understatement…Restaurants and pubs line most of the streets here. Kabab Shops, Fish and chip shops, and Chinese Takaway. Being from America, were you can get a lot of bang for your buck, this place will break you. Prices are about the same as ours, but in pounds…And being our dollar is worth shit, IT is all Super expensive, about $2.10 to a pound. Sweet…The left side of the road thing is tuff getting used to, and because of this haven’t ventured on the road too much. Been walking a lot. Seems safer so far…There is an Amazing amount of cycle paths (sustrans.org.uk)

Excited to explore way more…Off to Glentress tomorrow, one of Scotland 7 mountain bike centers (7stanes.gov.uk). Been waiting for this one..(Soon as I get road legal in our Punto, I will live there)…Been nice watching the tour live everyday on eurosport. (Hella race)…Brits seem to be a little Anti-Discovery…showed them…Been super lucky with the weather. Not too much rain. Little here and there. Highs usually hit around 17c, or 66-68f…. Did get a chance to go to the British open. That was a trip…. Awesome setting, great food, tons of people, shit weather…So far So good…. planning a 5 day bike tour next week…Up to the north, ferry to an island, then back…SOOO much to see SOO much to do…till next time….

Nik’s gone and he ain’t never coming back.

Ok, he’ll be back someday I imagine. Just don’t hold your breath.

Link dump:

[Alberto Gonzales: Lying Liar Edition] talkingpointsmemo.com
[read a book] youtube.com
[an oldie but a goodie] iaaf.org
[Lance in Leadville] trainright.com
[blogness] cheetosandporn.blogspot.com
[impeach gonzo] impeachgonzales.org

I’ve got to mention that horrible bridge collapse in Minneapolis. It is a very sad state of affairs when a bridge full of people falls into a river. Not that folks outside the bike industry matter any less, but there are a lot of bike folks up that way. Surly, Salsa and the rest of the QBP fam, Cars R Coffins, the One on One Bicycle Studio and whomever else I’m forgetting.

I just hope everyone, their friends and their family is safe and sound.

This local cyclist blog has a lot of info regarding the incident: smithersmpls.com/minneapolis

(Incident seems like such a strange word to use. It’s the best I can come up with, I’m afraid.)

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  2. From all of us that have meet you and those that only know you from this site, it is a happy anniversary, glad your still around.