I rode yesterday

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I got in about two and a half hours on my mountain bike on Sunday. It was raining a bit, on and off. I missed most of it.

Or, most of it missed me.

All a matter of one’s perspective, I suppose.

I screwed around a bit in that wide expanse between Fort Tuthill And Woody Ridge. It is criss crossed with old railroad grades, logging roads and elk trails. Plenty of stuff to plod around on when your shaped like a pear.

And I am.

I ended up rolling down Woody Mountain Road for a bit, watching the storms to the west roll around, counting deer. Good times. When hunger and thirst got the best of me, I pointed it back towards home. Not too far down the road, I came up on three folks on horseback. I assume it was a father and his two boys. They asked me if Roger’s Lake was up the road, and I answered with a smile that I wasn’t sure. There are quite a few “seasonal” lakes about the Flagstaff area, most of which could more accuratly be called “flooded fields”. There isn’t much lake to ’em, truth be told. There was one such basin up the way, and I wasn’t sure at the time what it was called.

Turns out it is indeed Roger’s Lake.

When I turned to pedal onward, the Dad told me he liked my jersey. “Drunkcyclist. I like that site!”

Right on.

On the way back past Garro’s place, I stopped in and bullshitted with the old boy. Even drank a few of his beers. God damn if that first ice cold Pacifico wasn’t one of the smoothest beers I’ve ever had.

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5 Replies to “I rode yesterday”

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  2. We did make it to Rogers’ “Lake”. I had expected it to have some water with all the rainfall… more like Rogers dried up pond, but fun nonetheless. Thanks for the direction!

    I guess I’ll have to start packing a beer or 2 in my saddlebag, just in case of such meetings.


  3. Made my day too. We rode about 40 miles that day. What are the odds of meeting the main man from 1 of only 16 sites I have in my bookmarks??? Apparently much higher than I would have expected.

    Keep it up man. Your site rocks. Hope to see you again.