How should I drink myself to sleep…?

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I got me a 30-ish Km ride in today. About mid-60’s and partly sunny. Didn’t kill me, but was just right. Just got home from my 2nd litre of fine German beer, and was wondering…

Which should I crack tonight?

Knockando or Gentleman Jack…?

Seeing as I’m asking a group of experts, let me clarify… I haven’t been sleeping too good, so I’m option for snoring on the couch tonight. That and this story is killing me.

So all you read a bit into that one, and you tell me… How should I blot out this nightmare of a scenario and try to get a full nights’ sleep?

“Document uncovers details of a planned coup in the USA in 1933 by right-wing American businessmen. The coup was aimed at toppling President Franklin D Roosevelt with the help of half-a-million war veterans. The plotters, who were alleged to involve some of the most famous families in America, (owners of Heinz, Birds Eye, Goodtea, Maxwell Hse & George Bush’s Grandfather, Prescott) believed that their country should adopt the policies of Hitler and Mussolini to beat the great depression.

I mean, how in this cruel illogical world can the son AND grandson of what would amount to a bit more than a traitor hold office? How is it that we as a nation can’t seem to have a longer span of attention than the last episode of Survivor, or the newest release from the Backstreet Boys?

How do these thugs and criminals keep getting re-elected? How is it no-one cares? It really does drive me to drink. The horrible thing is, I can’t even explain it to other people the how’s and why’s of it all. These fuckers keep getting control and keep throwing us all off a gargantuan cliff, and we somehow keep coming back for another hot, steaming bowl of the shit that they serve.

Someone just keep pouring before I buy a gun and start shooting young republicans.


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“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

9 Replies to “How should I drink myself to sleep…?”

  1. Ummm, maybe you should start shooting Democrats, too: . Jist: Papa Kennedy didn’t much care for the Jews, and told his Nazi pals he understood that they needed to get rid of them, but they should be a bit quieter about the whole thing.

    History’s full of assholes whose progeny are now trying to run things.

  2. Just like you ‘design’ a bike, you ‘design’ your progeny or followers to accomplish the future results you wish to achieve.

    On one hand, you have a simple craftsman/artist creating a result that can be utilized, appreciated & enjoyed by others.

    On the other, a megalomaniac w/ aspirations to utilize whatever resources are @ hand, including the lives of people, to duplicitously achieve the results that are best suited for their own needs w/ the resultant carnage, ruin & death of little consequence.

    Simple really.

  3. Grandpappy Heinz did pay for horseface Kerry’s campaign, by way of his sugarmamma wife.

  4. Might I add a bit of Scotch logic to query of nightime tipples.

    and by scotch I mean cheap, frugal, tight, mean fer a nickle..

    Take up with the Knockando but seein’ as it’s a 12 and pretty dear stuff, I’d switch to something a bit more economical after 3 (or so) drams.
    Perhaps a Laphroig if it’s handy or just whatever heel(s) are laying about.

    Personally I find the cheaper gear is more than fine after a bit of buzz is set in and the taste buds are numbed down a touch.

  5. anyway I figured out that Anti-semitism is only slightly not as bad as wanting to install a facist government by overthrowing the current one, as pappy Bush wanted to. Anti-semitism has been around for millennia, but its only 95 as bad as the other IMHO.

  6. Look at it this way – there isn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of either another Kennedy or another Bush holding office. We are responsible for overlooking or forgiving pesky little problems like anti-semitism, gun running, and bootlegging. This would be like knowing that there’s a crazy motherfucker named Jason Voorhees, and you keep giving him a hockey mask and a machete.

    I’m tired as Hell of seeing the same dumbasses make the same mistakes, and it has always been out ouf laziness that if you don’t like the current administration, all you have to do is vote “for the other guy.” The problem is that there are shitloads of “other guys,” and yet we are not willing to vote for any of them (much less alone do the research to find a candidate you -gasp- actually respect and admire).

    We’re gonna keep getting the same inbred fuckwits as leaders until we get tired of this bullshit and fight for something we believe in. It kills me that people lionize a jagoff like John F. Kennedy, jr. when the idiot couldn’t hack it as a lawer, a magazine editor, and as a pilot. And as far as Prescott’s progeny? What, my choices are Jenna & Barbara or Jeb Bush? I’d sooner choose Jif peanut butter to lead this country.

    There have to be better alternatives.