Slipstream signings

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I saw this one over at

Nothing reported on their website,, as of yet. I imagine they’ll drop a press release sooner or later.

Jonathan Vaughters has confirmed three new signings to his Team Slipstream squad for 2008, including the widely rumoured move of Briton David Millar.

In addition to Millar, Vaughters has reportedly confirmed on Eurosport the recruitment of two Team CSC stars in Christian Vande Velde and Dave Zabriskie.

That is some welcome news. We’ll be keeping our eyes on that team next year.

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6 Replies to “Slipstream signings”

  1. Keeping eyes?

    I am going to mail them a check.

    Call it, “Inverse Blood Money”.

    I am going to support that team and their rigorous anti doping program like it’s 1984.

    They’re the only game in town at the top pro level.

    Supporting them is the only real action we can take to support the future of this sport. Without them, all we have is Bruyuneel, and a whole dump truck load of used syringes.

    Plus, I get to say; “What Game Play?” all day long.

  2. slipstream has some talent,*This objective* would be one way to get onto euro racing huh?

    love what game play.. LOL

    have a great day,

  3. who’s gonna be the GC guy? They should get Tommy D…his stock is definitely going down lately.

  4. Vaughters & the ‘Slips’ deserve a Presidential commendation (although that ain’t worth much) for their efforts to offer the fans & the public, hope for the future.

    You know we haven’t hit rock bottom yet w/ all crap this sport has heaped on itself.. It seems that every attempt in the right direction is countered by some new & denigrating result.

    Without transparency, this beautiful sport will never again be viewed as valid by the general public. I hope there is a groundswell of support for the ‘SLIPS’ this year, so that “cycling”,gets the message. Teams, riders, organizations realizing that this is what we want. Clean racing.

    Thank you, Mr. Ellis for believing it can happen.

    Now, let’s see some worthwhile American corporation step up to the plate & offer the support Vaughters, Ellis & the SLIPSTREAM Team, deserve. They are the future of the sport.