Cousin Vino retains Counsel

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Cousin Vino has hired the same two fine American Attorneys who are brilliantly steering the S.S. Landis away from the shoals. Or they’re trying to anyway. Funny thing is, they get paid the same either way.

Alexandre Vinokourov and his Astana team, forced out of the Tour de France after Vinokourov’s initial positive test for a banned blood transfusion, have retained the two lawyers defending 2006 Tour de France winner Floyd Landis against doping charges.

Maurice Suh and Howard Jacobs arrived in Paris on Thursday to do preliminary research on Vinokourov’s case, Suh told …Suh’s firm, Los Angeles-based Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, will take the lead on Vinokourov’s case. Jacobs has represented numerous athletes accused of doping, including cyclist Tyler Hamilton, who also tested positive for homologous transfusion, the same offense Vinokourov allegedly committed.


Jacobs should be remembered for introducing the “disappearing twin defense“. Simply brilliant. Brilliant up. Brilliant down. Brilliant all around.

If they tell me Vino is also a “human chimera”; I will set my fucking house on fire.

Ok, maybe my neighbor’s house. I kinda like my place. And my neighbor can go to hell.

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2 Replies to “Cousin Vino retains Counsel”

  1. oh man. This whole shit-show is going from “outrage” to “absurd” to “wtf?” to now I’m just fucking laughing like a maniacle 1929 stock broker watching the ticker run figuratively and literally out the fuckin’ window.

    ..apparently the wheels have come off Mayos wagon also.

    pro cycling only needs big red shoes, afro wig and a squirting flower on it’s lapel to complete the picture.
    ..buncha fukwits..

  2. Wow, how many of ’em are gonna keep gettin’ out ‘a’ that little car in the center ring !