Wim Vansevenant taked 2nd consecutive lanterne rouge

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Drunkcyclist would like to congratulate Wim Vansevenant on his second consecutive lanterne rouge.

By claiming his second consecutive last spot in Paris, the Belgian enters into the history books as one of only three riders to claim the double. Frenchman Daniel Masson did it in 1922-1923 and Austrian Gerhard Schonbacher in 1979-1980. Finishing as lanterne rouge isn’t earning Vansevenant a lot of money in the Tour de France but afterwards it often turns out to be a good promotion stunt in the post-Tour criteriums.

Source: cyclingnews.com

Tip of the pint to Wim. You earned it.

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  1. Sure, but did Wim get tested ? This kidda consistency smacks of something nefarious.