Doping expert levels charges against Contador

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I don’t usually cite an entire article from one of the Big Cycling Websites (we are a small cycling website). But today, right here, right now, I pretty much will:

A leading German expert in the fight against doping claimed Monday to have evidence indicating that Tour de France winner Alberto Contador had used drugs.

Twenty-four hours after the Spaniard donned the winner’s yellow jersey on the Champs Élysées the expert, Werner Franke, described the 24-year-old’s victory as “the greatest swindle in sporting history.”

Franke bases his claim on documents he says are in his possession from the Spanish police’s Operación Puerto inquiry into Eufemiano Fuentes, the doctor said to have masterminded doping programs for athletes. Contador was cleared last year by both Spanish investigators and the UCI.

“The name of this Mr Contador appears on several occasions on the court and police documents,” Franke told German television station ZDF. “All of this has been simply concealed and hidden under the carpet whilst the name Contador was erased from the list of suspicious riders.”

Franke claimed to have a detailed list of banned products used by Contador which appear in sworn statements following the raid on Fuentes’ medical practice.

“He took insulin, HMG-Lepori, a hormone to stimulate the secretion of testosterone and also a product for asthma called TGN – in brief I have before my eyes a protocol for doping,” he told ZDF.

“All of this has been covered up, at least in Spain,” added Franke.


My man Bush43 asked me via email, “Is this report going to blow up, or will they tamp it down?”

He went on to say, “I am thinking it’s going to explode.”

This is like throwing gasoline on the fire at this point. And I’m afraid it might get worse before it gets better.

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11 Replies to “Doping expert levels charges against Contador”

  1. If the evidence is over 1 year, why does he wait until the day after the podium? That’s whacked.

    Based on the performances of Cadel and Levi, they appear clean: they both suffered like lepers going up the climbs. Of course, they laid the smack down on the final ITT…kinda like Vino. Who knows if anyone is clean…

  2. yeah… he’s clean… uh huh…

    why wait till now? well maybe he doesn’t win and no one has to spill the beans…

    2nd place is 1st loooooooser and no one gives a shit if you dope and finish 2nd-152nd…

    but, you finish 1st? Big fucking target on your back.

    Esp if people believe this doping sack of crap, oops i mean if Cunt-i-door didn’t deserve the win.

    Pulling the times off a climb are sort of sketchy, esp comparing them to “pre 1980” numbers.

    Look at the machines, first they convey a distinct advantage of the bikes that Big jonny still rides, hell them light bikes help.

    Also training with power and other scientific training bullshit HAS made for stronger and better, more focused riders. IE gains in times and power/weight ratios are not purely drug based.

    That said?

    Did floyd win last year or not? Or are they still draggin his ass around…

    Has Jan decided the german people are ready to hear the truth?

    big cluster fuck boys (and girls)

  3. Levi clean?

    Flipping from ITT #1 to ITT #2 a 3:30 minute change relative to Cadel?

    I would say more likely a double load of auto blood. Yep, a 1600 ml gamble. He must of been drinking and peeing like a freak to lower the apparent hematocrit.

    He basically did what Vino did, and got an extremely comparable result, except Vino got the wrong bag from the frig.

    “I’ll be better in the Pyrennes.” said Levi, many times. How do you know that? The hardest 3 week stage race in the world, you’ll be better in the third week, Levi announces with certainty? You won’t have incredible fatigue and associated problems?

    Well, you know that when you decide what the scheduling of your “preparation” is going to be.

  4. Yeah – Cadel, as folks like to call him, is a wheelsucking pig. He survives and does well cause he never attacks. Pure defensive rider. 100% conservation.

    Seemed to work.

    That and it is possible to warm up for the Pyrenees. Why not? A couple really hard mt days in the Alps to get all the flat land cobwebs worked out… play it safe and conservative while everyone rides hard around ya… save if for the Pyrenees… but yeah, he’s on the lance program, his soigneur just was paid well enough to be sure to use the proper bag of blood, that or levi was smart enough to have enough blood put away…

    Vino used it all up after the crash to get his hemocrit back up and when it came time to need it he was out of his pre-tour stockpile and had to get a new bag and hope they didn’t find it in testing.

  5. Next year I will be at every stage tackling whomever is in first. Regardless if that means taking the whole of the peleton out, just to change the jersey daily.

    See if I don’t.

    In other news, Im working on a gallon of fine german beer tonight.

    See if I don’t.

  6. You have to remember the UCI’s past behavior on the fight against doping. The first few incidences of riders getting popped? The UCI actually stood behind the riders, trying to use PR tactics to fool the media into thinking that here was no drug problem to even deal with. The Festina scandal was the first time that the dirty laundry of cycling was brought to the surface by forces outside of the cycling world. It forced the UCI to adopt measures to fight it, but always remember that they always fought it reluctantly. The UCI ALWAYS assumed the tactic of sweeping the drug issue under the rug. If they could have simply exonerated each rider, they would have. No questions about it. They only fight doping because the Olympics forces them to fight doping.

  7. I remember telling my wife (as she pretended to listen)how some of these guys in the tour had to be on drugs. How can you just jump on attack after attack on the final climbs while nose breathing?? I remember seeing the 89 world championships where Lemond responded to a dozen attacks on the last stretch. This shits been going on way before Festina got sloppy. Yeah Cadel is a conservative wheel sucker but you know what he was hangin his tounge, diggin deep and on the verge of cracking. Levi too, just look at their cadences and faces…a freakin’ sufferfest. Alberto in the meantime was having a ball toying around with everyones attacks…prodigy or doper??