Cousin Vino Speaks

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Yep. It’s a mistake. I miss my dog. They’re out to get me. Fucking French labs… It never changes.

“It’s a mistake. I never doped, that’s not the way I see my profession,” Vinokourov told the French sports daily L’Equipe for Wednesday’s edition. “I think it’s a mistake in part due to my crash. I have spoken to the team doctors who had a hypothesis that there was an enormous amount of blood in my thighs, which could have led to my positive test.

Vinokourov claims to be the victim of a “provocation.”

“It’s been going on for months and today they’re managing to demolish me,” he said. “The setting up of our team made a lot of people jealous and now we’re paying the price. It’s a shame to leave the Tour this way, but I don’t want to waste time in proving my innocence.”

Even though his career is facing ruin, Vinokourov managed to joke about his situation.

“I heard that I made a transfusion with my father’s blood,” Vinokourov said. “That’s absurd, I can tell you that with his blood, I would have tested positive for vodka.”


Drunkcyclist may have to sponsor that man’s father next season. As if we could afford his bar tab.

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3 Replies to “Cousin Vino Speaks”

  1. when he crashed should he have just stopped the race? no!!!
    are the french lab rats just envy drivin to slam people? or is the sport allowing everyone else in other sports to just call everyone dopers and laff..” watching as everyone in the pelton points fingers,at the people that dig deep.. or dope.. whatever.. let this just rest.. some say roadies are lame.. i say just let it be.. if you own a bike just fucking ride and enjoy whatever k?? pedel like a mofo.. enjoy the freedom :) ohh cars.. freedom
    sure.. they try and get into the mix with us and de-rail it..

    vino still rode a great race in my eyes..


  2. kazaksthan is the greatest counrty in the world
    All other countries are run by little girls.