Cristian Moreni tests positive

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Here at K Billy, the super sounds of the seventies, the hits just keep coming.

Cristian Moreni of Cofidis has been confirmed as rider who tested positive for testosterone following the Tour de France’s 11th stage on July 19. Coming just one day after news that Astana’s Alexandre Vinoukourov tested positive for a blood transfusion, news of the second positive doping control hit the Tour de France.

…The newspaper reported that the analysis to determine if the testosterone was of exogenous origin had already been completed, and the IRMS confirmed that the chemical came not from the rider’s body but from a man-made source.


Just two? I guess Patrik Sinkewitz doesn’t count as a “Tour” non-negative. He got jacked a month prior. They just told us about during the Tour. Come on, guys! Let’s go for the hat trick.

I can already guess Moreni’s defense strategy:

The testing was performed at the Châtenay-Malabry laboratory – the same lab responsible for performing tests on Floyd Landis’ 2006 Tour sample that showed a similar result.

Damn French labs. Will they ever be satisfied? Such an insatiable need to ruin careers. Do they need a hug or something? Jeez. Some people.

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5 Replies to “Cristian Moreni tests positive”

  1. all I want to know is the T:E ratio

    Mathias Kessler is leading this competition, Sinekewitz is a paltry second, and now do we have a new contender?

  2. Cluck, moo, woof, baa-baa, whatever.

    To quote a Beatle, “everybody’s got something to hide cept for me ‘n’ my monkey!”

    Guitar solo.


  3. bottom line.. don’t sell out.. * side note *almost everything is powered by monkey.. look at microsoft..

    shock the monkey tonight..