The apple that didn’t fall too far…

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Being a stay-at-home hubby (which I relish, thankyouverymuch) I have more than ample time to get sucked into the tubes of the internets and get myself all manner of clogged in said tubes. I may have mentioned here or on my own blog that I am a staunch Atheist, so today I was looking for good quotes to maybe use as a tagline or signature in my emails when I came across this gem:

I don’t know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

  • former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, August 27 1987; quoted in Free Inquiry magazine, Fall 1988, Volume 8, Number 4, page 16

So there you have it. I am neither a citizen nor am I patriotic, simply because I choose not to believe in some dude in a white robe with a beard, whose son got himself killed in the desert for mouthing off to the ruling class. Looks like Shrub has spent his whole life saying, “Lookit, Daddy!!! Look at me, I’m good! I’m just like you! Why don’t you love me like you love Jeb? I’m the first born, LOVE ME !!!!”

That whole family extended members and all need to be permanently banned from holding any office higher than dog-catcher in Crawford for the rest of eternity, and the twins need to hook up with some filth monger who will exploit them to everyone’s delight.


(I had some porn links in there, but I took them out. sorry all, Im sure you bookmarked thehun-dot-com, so you can pick and choose ones yourself.)

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9 Replies to “The apple that didn’t fall too far…”

  1. When dumb quotes/comments pop out of mouths from the entire family (no one is spared from the idiocy), you just KNOW they’ve all hit their heads in the shallow end of the gene pool. So what then…this fam is just lucky and rich? Connected? Oh I know, they each bought the office they’ve held so poorly.

  2. Funny that they think we (atheists) are damned in hell, therefore we are worthless and should be damned on this earth too, eh? Most of the christians I know feel bad that i’m going to burn in hell and want to save my soul, makes ’em feel better.
    Don’t you think a good christian would take pity on an atheist, want to raise them up and help them, help them to heaven and help them on this earth?
    The Bushes are not christians. They may say they follow Christ, but by their actions, they are NOT christians.

  3. WTF? Several of the founding fathers were atheists with pagan overtones. This is the same attitude that keeps coexistence with other religions from happening. We don’t have suicide bombers, we have a whole army going in blind.
    Not patriots? Quit taking my money then.

  4. I am a Christian and I want you guys to know that not all of us are like that, but the vast majority are. I get very embarrassed to be put in the same boat with GHWB and Rev Fred Phelps and his hate filled vile.
    I try to not judge anyone else’s take on the meaning of life. In my denomination it is taught that we know where the Truth is, but we can not say where it isn’t. Only God knows what is in someones heart and it is very egotistical of me to presume that I can pass judgment on any other religion or philosophy.
    I guess that my plea here is to other Christians who may be reading this. A little piety goes a long way. I know a lot of Athiests who live a better “christian” life than I do.

  5. I’d say that “the digested apple that didn’t fall far from the horse’s ass” is more apt. Bush Senior was no bargain himself.

  6. I disagree with that statement he made, although I’m sure you had some views 20 years ago that you might not agree with now.

  7. ” god ” could also be inside all beings, not some figure
    but the goodness we create within outselfs towards others.

    what if we lived with a goal of just love and compassion. kindness
    and stuff like that.. would war go away?? maybe.. war is over a god


  8. Curtis T, right on. You do your thing, I’ll do mine, and ne’er the twain shall come to fisticuffs.

    Trib01; maybe, but 20 years ago i was 17, broke, working at a toy store for minimum wage in So. Cal.

    He on the other hand, was VP of the united states, involved (to some degree) in Iran contra, former head of the CIA, a former ambassador to China, and 67.

    So, yeah… I think he’s a much bigger shithead than I was 20 years ago.

  9. Someone ought to remind Darth Palpatine -err George H.W. Bush- that the Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and NOT “Do unto others, then run like a motherfucker.”