The Gonzales Perjury Inquiry Cometh?

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With all the Vino Action going off today, there hasn’t been much talk around these parts about the little chat Alberto “Gonzo” Gonzales had with the Senate. And by “chat” I mean “testify”.

His was some extremely interesting testimony. And by “interesting” I mean “fucking insane”.

Today, Gonzales did something absolutely unexpected: he said that Comey’s doubts were about “other intelligence activities” than the warrantless surveillance program President Bush confirmed in December 2005 — i.e., the TSP. That’s how his 2006 statement that the TSP was uncontroversial could still be correct.

But the senators weren’t buying it. And they say that they’ll be examining Gonzales’ statements closely to see whether the attorney general has perjured himself.


Several senators cautioned Gonzales to carefully review the transcript of his answers to make sure he was testifying truthfully. “Your credibility has been breached to the point of being actionable,” said Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the panel’s ranking Republican.


Oh, perjury? I can’t imagine a good Christian like him would ever lie…

Here is the whole enchilada, with video clips. I lined ’em out because they’ll get buried under new posts at in no time flat. This way you can take your dear sweet time. Maybe have a few beers while Gonzo sticks a thumb in your eye and a boot in your back.

Leahy, Specter Lay in to Gonzales
Gonzales: NSL Abuses Weren’t Really Abuses
Gonzales: “That’s a Good Question”
Gonzales: I Only Visited Ashcroft’s Hospital Bed Because Congress Wanted It
Gonzales Unsure of How Many USAs He Fired
Gonzales: “Not So Clear” That Waterboarding Violates Geneva Common Article 3
Gonzales: Witness Tampering? No, It Was Witness Consolation.
Senators Signal Gonzales Perjury Inquiry over Spying Testimony
Gonzales Stonewalls on Bush’s Involvement in Hospital Visit
Gonzales Memo Widened Cheney’s Office Access to DoJ Case Info

He’d be fucking hilarious if he wasn’t scaring the shit outta me.

How long can this guy stay at the helm of the Justice Department? How long can Bush afford to keep him around? He’s a liability. He’s a nightmare.

Tonight’s link dump:

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5 Replies to “The Gonzales Perjury Inquiry Cometh?”

  1. Democratic Presidential “sound byte” Debates, Rasmussen Bovine Hemo/chicken shit, Vino the Kazak not so Wonder Boy, Bertie “i’ve got my fingers crossed so technically i’m not lying” Gonzales, bush-league Cheney, cheney-league Bush & jeez, five days of Tour left, that just might be easier for the ‘Pros’ to ride than for us to watch & know whats really going on…

    Fuck, I’m glad I got a few hours on the bike today or my head might explode.
    Lemme check on that. HOLD ON, PLEASE……….

  2. I am not going to read news any more. For a while, at least.
    I am not going to watch the tour. Not this year’s anyhow.
    I am not going to do a goddamn thing except drink and ride.

    At least I will be happily drunk when the bombs start dropping in Iran, and they find more dopers. Hopefully I won’t care

  3. Uh..I’m from Texas. We have something called, “thuawlbidness” in texas that extracts & refines petrolium products.
    Historically, the biggest SOB’s in said bidness are called “the land man”; the guys who get(steal) leases regarding said petrolium.

    The Attorney General used to be the Head Land Man for….Enron.
    Kinda like being the Tommy Gun specialist for Al Capone.

    Just wait 20 years for the “Truth and Reconciliation Committee” to sort it all out.

  4. “Uh..I’m from Texas. We have something called, “thuawlbidness” in texas that extracts & refines petrolium products.
    Historically, the biggest SOB’s in said bidness are called “the land man”; the guys who get(steal) leases regarding said petrolium.”

    Assholerat. Sumyawl ok.

  5. Alrighty…the David Walsh interview at is a MUST LISTEN. Very compelling shit there. Have fun!