The Trainer Speaks!

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Dr. Ferrari, the most awesome trainer of Lance and Vino, has a new comment up about the tremendous exploits of a certain Tour favorite.

Let’s see, Vino nearly singlehandedly lost only 30″ to the main GC riders over the last 40 km. Did I get that right?

Now THAT’S some training advice.

No mention of the blood transfusion though. That seems curious. Maybe it is less harmful than drinking orange juice? A distinct possibility.

Check out the good doctor’s training site and recent post about Vino here.

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One Reply to “The Trainer Speaks!”

  1. So does anyone actually believe that any of the other riders with “heroic” performances AREN’T doping it up (eg, Contadore, RasMOOsen, et al.)?

    On a side note, am I the only one who thinks it’s curious that Millar’s “sun allergy” was worst on HIS ELBOWS before he went to long sleeves??? In other words, maybe he got a bruise from a sloppy transfusion and needed an excuse to cover it up? Or am I just being Mr. Cynical?