Things are looking up in Oregon

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Moving the ball forward.

New bills passed by the Oregon Legislature will make an already bicycle-friendly Ashland even safer for those who choose to pedal. A bill was signed earlier last week that establishes a “share the road” license plate with the proceeds going to bicycle safety programs.

Another bill will create a safe passing law that requires drivers to provide a safety cushion when getting around other people using the roadway. The law is designed so that if a cyclist were to fall, they would still be safe from getting hit.

Another bill will fine careless drivers who kill a bicycler or any vulnerable user. The driver would be subject to license suspension of a year and a fine up to $12,500. Currently the only punishment is a $1,115 fine.


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7 Replies to “Things are looking up in Oregon”

  1. we could at least get the license plate thing in AZ. Hell, they already have a License plate for HAM radio operators and the University of Phoenix.

    /what game play/

  2. The cost of a human life in Ashland Oregon –

    1 bottle of JACK DANIEL’S – $25
    Driving Penalty – $12,500 (max.)
    Probationary Driver’s Permit – $50
    Maximum Total: $13,575

    How ’bout we start demanding states to charge anyone who kills a person riding a bike driving a car with criminally negligent homicide, or at the very least manslaughter. That is, after all what most states have on the books for killing someone while driving. This includes Oregon.
    The sooner we can get that to happen the better.