How to Create an Angry American

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I’ve seen and linked this in the past. But it’s worth seeing again. Hell, watch it twice.

Probably won’t work if you’re running IE6. Those folks can see it here:

Embedded vid past the fold.

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3 Replies to “How to Create an Angry American”

  1. Jon, when will we stop this? I feel like a German. Scared to be wrong, afraid to be right. I need a leader. Is it me?

  2. Sean Penn nails it.

    What really kills me is if you look at how many protests there are here (In Germany or the entire EU….) you see a youth that is far more motivated in bringing things to light and calling bullshit on these guys. All you see in the US are these old aging hippie types that are burnout, make-love-not-war 60’s idiots. That shit won’t work anymore. These guys are thugs, and need to be treated as such, and the only way that will go down is if we start giving as good as we have been getting.

    Hell, in some places Karl Rove would have been pulled out of his car and beaten till his pants were filled with the same stuff he’s been feeding us for the last 8 years.

    Fuck those guys and fuck the Dem’s too timid to fucking fight back.

  3. It isn’t as simple as the US is led by people who have such contempt for its people. It’s a lot fucking worse. We have let our apathy get the better of us. We believe that “civic duty” can be boiled down to voting and grudgingly going in for jury duty (but of course, bitching about it). Civic duty should mean taking a great amount of pride in your community, your nation, and your world. It should mean picking up and recycling the empty water bottles and cans assholes leave behind them. It should mean helping others who can’t help themselves WITHOUT QUESTION. It should mean fighting for what you believe in, because if you are such a fucking moron that you are going to place blind faith in ANY public official, you deserve to be ass-raped.

    And when motherfuckers like Bush & Cheney act like they can get away with treasonous acts against this great country of ours, then make sure that they are punished for it.