Bike Rage

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I haven’t been the victim of Bike Rage yet myself, other than being overhauled on Pistol Hill and left cross-eyed wandering around in the desert by myself.

Aside from that, no.

“We have road rage,” said Arlington Police Chief Fred Ryan. “And now we have bikeway rage.” In a 3-mile stretch in Arlington , police have filed 18 reports over the past year — more than the previous two years combined — that have ranged from bike-on-bike accidents to a woman who received unwanted sexual advances one afternoon while push ing her baby daughter in a stroller. Some men have been spotted running naked, others urinating in the bushes.


Why can’t I be the one receiving unwanted sexual advances instead of broadcasting them all over God’s Green Earth?



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4 Replies to “Bike Rage”

  1. Ya, that was a totally miserable story. Most of those cop calls were probably about the kids smoking pot under the overpasses. The article tried to implicate cyclists as the problem, but it’s a BIKE PATH, and everyone on that path could use a little education in politeness and saving their own skin. Many letters went to the Globe about it, and many good ones were printed! Not mine, unfortunately. Guess I was too cranky. My response:

    Thanks, Drunk Cyclist, for making sense of the world!

  2. They used to be called Bike Paths. Now it’s Multiple User Paths, so you can wander aimlessly about, four abreast without your dog on a leash while the average commuter cyclist trying to do the honest thing gets yelled @ for not riding @ 5mph to accommodate the sensibilities of people w/out survival skills.

    Some people are polite, some people aren’t, that goes across the board. The fact that you’re on a moving vehicle always seems to put you in the wrong.

    Just like when we’re riding foolishly in traffic, we always blame that close call on the car or truck despite our own negligence.

    But ya, my original point stands. They used to be called BIKE PATHS>

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