The Poor Man’s Disc Wheel

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Sometimes you just gotta laugh out loud at the emails that show up around here.

I hope this guy beats a few douchebags out there in New York State who roll up with their $4,000 wheelsets. I hope he makes them cry.

From: Chris
Check out my buddy Pete in Albany NY poor man’s disc wheel
its all about laminate flooring!

Much respect for the PMD.

The Poor Man’s Disc

Here she is up close:

The PMD up close

That ought to shave off, what, twenty seven minutes in a 40k time trial?

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4 Replies to “The Poor Man’s Disc Wheel”

  1. $60 for a pair of covers from Excel sports is too pricey?

    one thing laminate flooring is not: Light.

    but then that is the flywheel effect…

    all it needs now is a smattering of Mavic or Zipp stickers and people will be really confused…

  2. Great fodder for Bike Snob NYC… I can remember lining up for a local charity “ride”, and having been forewarned by some shop folk to keep an eye on the “pseudosupercyclists”, happened to notice the incredible feat of engineering next to me. Road bike with cardboard and duct tape “aerofairing” all over the frame and rear wheel. Had a chuckle and a good ride

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