K-Fed nails first place single speed @ 2007 Cream Puff

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K-Fed ripped it up at the Cream Puff this year. His previous best finish was 4th single speed. He sure was motivated. Must have been because I made fun on his beer gut, on this very website no less. Can you imagine that?

From: Scott
1st place single speeder 6th overall. Fastest time yet. Put that one in your hash pipe and smoke it. The Kona Sales Staff boys are badass.

I even got a few pics of the old boy.

The K-Fed cometh

You could say I’ve got him coming and going.

K-Fed eating up the miles like Pac-Man

And eating. Go figure.

K-Fed topping off at the feed

That pic I posted of the old boy suffering through last years race was him @ 190 lbs. This year he showed up fifteen (15!) pounds lighter. Better looking jersey last year though, don’t you think? He must have shrunk too much to wear it. Had to get something smaller. Something like that.

Apparently going from 190 to 175 is a benefit in bike racing. Not that I have any idea. I’m 210 at the moment with no signs of weight abatement on the horizon.

And damn proud of it.

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4 Replies to “K-Fed nails first place single speed @ 2007 Cream Puff”

  1. I worked the race as a volunteer and I can confirm that he was turnin’ & burnin’. Saw a couple of DC jerseys in the field and came home with a serious case of fitness envy…….

  2. good stuff for sure, fast run by Kevin. What about Slaven getting 3rd in the gears i think behind an old english pro and mark hendershot, he railed the descents. Link us up, I’ll send you some pics. Good showing by the AZ crew. lou

    single speeding annoys you because you’re weak