Is it time to Impeach Cheney?

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Found this one over at

Under Dick Cheney, the office of the vice president has been transformed from a tiny acorn into an unprecedented giant oak. In grasping and exercising presidential powers, Cheney has dulled political accountability and concocted theories for evading the law and Constitution that would have embarrassed King George III. The most recent invention we know of is the vice president’s insistence that an executive order governing the handling of classified information in the executive branch does not reach his office because he also serves as president of the Senate. In other words, the vice president is a unique legislative-executive creature standing above and beyond the Constitution. The House judiciary committee should commence an impeachment inquiry. As Alexander Hamilton advised in the Federalist Papers, an impeachable offense is a political crime against the nation. Cheney’s multiple crimes against the Constitution clearly qualify.

Bruce Fein might be on to something with that one. Dick Cheney is a man who respects no authority, that much is clear. Has it reached the level of Impeachment?

It’s got to be damn close.

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8 Replies to “Is it time to Impeach Cheney?”

  1. Cheney (Mr. other priorities at the time)is an embarrassment to the United States of America. It would be comical if it were not real.

  2. Time to Impeach Cheney?!? Oh for fuck’s sake… like for the last 6 years it’s been time. Call me a pessimist, but I’m sure nothing will come of it. It’s been proven time and time again that the gub’mint won’t do a Goddang thing. The Cheney administration will just say ‘no it isn’t, wasn’t me, you’re wrong’ and run interference until they run the clock out in 18 months.

    Reminds me of that story of the guy who was cheating on his wife, and the wife walks in on him banging the mistress. The wife was pissed, but the cheating hubby kept repeating, ‘No it isn’t, wasn’t me, no I didn’t’ over and over until his wife believed him.

    We’ve seen the same evidence of scumbaggedness (is that a word? Now it is) over and over again from these bastards and the dumb ass American public in and around Dumfukistan still beleives that Iraq had WMDs and the method for delivering them to North America.

  3. I don’t want to impeach Cheney, I want him in jail.

    He has broken clear laws of the United States. He’s outed military / intelligence officers, he’s ordered torture, that has gathered up innocents and resulted in murder. He’s dissembled and lied in ways to construct the US into a war of aggression.

    He should be in jail, most of his staff should be in jail, and Cheney should conceivably be facing the death penalty.

    Cheney is a reckless and dangerous criminal. He should be numero uno on the FBI Most Wanted list.

    For the US to cleanse, we’ve got to uncover all the sordid illegal acts Cheney has done and indict him.

    This is not time to fuck around with impeachment, this is a time to investigate murder and war crimes.

  4. If you want to see action taken on this matter don’t just blog your dissatifaction and anger here, contact your Congressional representatives and speak loudly, passionately, and repeatedly. If public voices can play a major role in derailing a presidentially preferred piece of legislation, get rolling on this issue. The public anger rises and support for the administration falls every day. Speak now or forever suffer “would have, could have, should have.”

  5. Tater must go.
    Dick (Tater) Cheney is wiping his ass with the Constitution.
    I’m just waiting for the day he tries to stay in power after 2008.
    Then he can be a true Dick-Tater.

  6. Is it time?! A bit late to the party I’d say Slate. If Clinton lying about a blow job was an impeachable offense then both Cheney and his Constituent and Chief, Bush should be out on their asses. Only problem is that the dems are too big of pussys to make a move. Instead we get to watch the bastards make a mockery of our democracy. Write your representatives! Especially if they have a D in front of thier names and let them know how you feel!

  7. impeachment?! fuck that. he should be tried for treason. at least then that piece of shit can put to death.